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Funny Faces

I had so much fun on my trip, I nerded out, caught up in person with peeps I had only known online, and met a ton of new friends. But even though it was a blast, I am so glad to be home, because I sorely missed Soapfi and all the fun we have when we are together.

I think the thing I missed the most was being silly at dinner. Soapfi loves to bop around and dance in her chair, and make faces – oh how I missed that face! I have to get my fill as fast as possible, because tomorrow night she leaves with Daddy for a week back east to hang out with her Papa & Babchi.

I’m torn between being delighted that I’ll be able to do all the things I want (like get yard work done uninterrupted, craft without having to worry about stitch markers getting eaten, and play Diablo 3 without worrying Soapfi might decide that punching and helicopter kicking things is a great way to solve all your problems (yep I’m playing a Monk)), and having to go another week without participating in all the fun things she is learning and doing (although I must say the absence of diaper changes has been rather nice!).

I’m sure the week will fly by, and if I get too nostalgic, I’ve got a crap-ton of pictures that need to go into photo albums!

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Sketti Face

Back when I was a kid, we took a lot of family trips. They were primarily camping, boating and skiing trips involving multiple families and friends, and if we weren’t staying at a campground or on the boat, we were usually staying in some type of rental house/time share condominium type unit vs a hotel, so we had kitchen access.

With this kitchen access on vacation, a family tradition was born, at least once during the trip we would have spaghetti night.  We would cook a big pot of spaghetti and multiple loaves of garlic bread – yes even on a Coleman camp stove we could make spaghetti and heat bread! (Soapfi’s Gramma is the undisputed queen of camp stove cooking – why have cereal for breakfast when you can have scrambled egg and Canadian Bacon croissants?)  

Since spaghetti night is one of my favorite memories from all those trips, there was no question that we would have a spaghetti night on this trip. It was just as much fun as I remembered from my youth!

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We Are “Those” Kinds of Parents

This morning I was making my way through my list of must read blogs, and got to The Diary of a Reluctant Mother’s Friday Funny Post. I had a good chuckle over the debate of whether the posted photo is funny or wretch inducing, and as I started to leave a comment I realized, OMG we are *THOSE* kinds of parents.

Poor Soapfi has been tasked with surviving us, and our brand of crazy. We find it absolutely hilarious to put her in take out bags, in the hamper, even in her Easter Basket when she was a wee thing, and take a picture. The crazier the better. Knock on wood she ends up with a good sense of humor and an appreciation for the fun of just being silly. I would like to think she would prefer these types of “embarrassing” photos over the standard “in the bathtub/running around naked” variety when it comes time for us to haul out the album in front of her future amour.

After all she needs to have *something* to be sullen and broody over during her teenage angst phase, we’re just trying to be accommodating!

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My April Fool

Soapfi may not really understand the concept of April Fool’s Day quite yet, but she is certainly getting into the spirit of things anyway.

I have been dreading the day where I answer her with “Because I said so”, and luckily it hasn’t happened yet. However, we apparently ask her why she does things far to often, since *she* is the one who has started answering all our questions “because”. Even though she started it, I still feel obligated to give her a good answer once she begins to ask why… at least the first three times.

And a side note about me – I finished my “Can Do 5K” yesterday in 53 minutes, a full five minutes better than my January 5K. And it means my New Years Resolution to do a 5K in every odd month is still unbroken. Waiting for sign ups for the May Color Run to open and then the streak can continue, I just don’t think I’ll be beating this time by another five minutes in May, especially since we’ll be getting pelted with color filled water balloons!

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Not Just For Your Feet

So this is the obligatory parenting post about the kidlet being fascinated with wearing their parents shoes. Naturally Soapfi has to do it her own way. Don’t get me wrong, she loves to wear them on her feet and tromp around the living room, but she prefers to wear them on her hands and smack them together like she’s in 1950’s detention cleaning erasers.

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