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The Yucks… Gold Medal Round

Because that’s just the way the universe works, it turns out that our first installment of the yucks was just the qualifying round.  This past weekend we had the gold medal event finals, and I’m proud to say that each member of the family took home gold at one point or another.

Daddy took gold for sounding the sickest – the upstairs bathroom would apparently make a great sound stage, the reverb was AMAZING!

Mommy took gold for most pathetic when sick – I spent my entire Saturday on the floor of the den since it was just mere feet from the downstairs bathroom.

Soapfi took gold in two categories – most volume in proportion to body size (she covered acres!!) and best attitude during the whole ordeal.

Soapfi was sick first, recovered first, and then was amazingly patient and caring while Mommy & Daddy were pathetic lumps all weekend. She brought us so many stuffed animals, patted our shoulders, brought fake water, real water, blankets….. of course it probably didn’t hurt that Calliou & the Wiggles were on constant repeat on the DVD player.  We were were both so sick, the TV was probably the only functioning “parent” in the house!

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The Yucks

Our household has got ’em.

On the bright side, at least this time it’s just a garden variety viral infection of the throat and hasn’t gone straight to poor Soapfi’s ears like it has in the past.

But we’re all still sick & miserable, and since all the grossness that goes along with the yucks is adequately self descriptive I’ll leave the details to your own imagination, upholding my promise never to go overboard with the sharing of bodily functions etc.

Hopefully I’ll have the energy and motivation to post a cheerful pic tomorrow, and I’ll see you all on the flip side, crossing my fingers for the end of the week!

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