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Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Made it through surgery fine, recovery is going to be a bit rougher than I hoped. As they repeatedly said, the stone was huge, which meant more of an effort to remove it, which of course leads to more bruising, swelling, etc etc etc. And because it’s typical of how stuff happens to me, the stint stays in until Friday the 13th, good thing I’m not superstitious! But at least I have pictures like this (thanks to Art of Subtlety kick azz photographer Amanda Waltman) that never fail to make me smile!

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F*ity, F*, F*, F*

One of my favorite blogs, Parenting Illustrated With Crappy Pictures, had a post today about cursing. This inspired me in two ways – the first was to go ahead and share a Soapfi cursing story. The second was that I’ve been using a few curse words today based on the results of my appointment with the urology specialist about my kidney stones.

And although inspired in the other order, I shall tell the not so fun stuff first! In the grand scope of things, it’s not a huge (although the specialist did use the word “huge” to describe my two kidney stones!! Is it weird that I feel some pride/sense of accomplishment about that?) deal, the condition is completely treatable and they can manage my pain until then. But the treatment is SURGERY…. involving anesthesia, F*ity, F*, F*, F*!!! I’ve had surgeries before, I’ve been under anesthesia before, with no bad experiences, side effects, or anything to make me think this time is different. But what is different is that this time I have a kidlet. That is a mental game changer for me. Again I say, F*ity, F*, F*, F*!!

Now for the funnier bit. This was related to me by Daddy because it happened on a trip I couldn’t make with them because of work. They were going back east last Christmas to visit Soapfi’s Babcia (pronounced “bop-she” – it’s Polish for Grandma) & PaPa. Soapfi has already made three trips back east by plane, and for the most part has behaved like a model child, at least in public! However, according to Daddy she did show a bit of sass on the last plane ride. They were about half way through the flight, things had been going rather well, and then it became apparent she needed a diaper change. Changing our Mz WiggleWorm can be a challenge during the best of times, I can only imagine poor Daddy having to do it in the sardine can of an airplane restroom. Apparently during his struggles/frustration a few (okay MANY!) F Bombs were dropped. Daddy insists they were under his breath, but he forgets that Soapfi has the ears of a bat and the retention of an elephant. He thought he was home free as he finally got her changed and was starting to walk back to his seat, and then our Mz Soapfi decided to joyfully share F Bombs with the entire plane, repeatedly! Daddy said it was a toss up between whether more people were laughing in sympathy or being appalled that he had “taught” her such vocabulary!

All things considered we’re lucky she doesn’t swear like a longshoreman by now, we have got to be better about remembering that little ears are everywhere!

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Birthday Bingo

Same household, different birthday girl. Today is my turn!

Growing up I always figured I would eventually become a mother, in my twenties, with the naivety of youth, I figured I had plenty of time to find someone and start a family. Turns out I’m rather choosy, it took me until I was in my mid thirties to find one, but he is the right one, so it was ultimately worth the wait. However, once we did find each other we knew that we were on the clock and we needed to get busy busy busy, because I was adamant that I was *NOT* going to be a first time mother in my forties. Not because other people haven’t done it (and done it quite well – I admire those ladies immensely!), but because I know *me*. We certainly gave it the good old college try, but things just didn’t seem to be in the cards for us. Because in typical me fashion, I was apparently procrastinating! It was a mere twenty-two hours before my fortieth birthday, but I made my deadline, and Soapfi made me a mommy before I was technically forty!

Since narcotics don’t play well with driving or fulfilling my detail oriented job duties, I’m home from work while awaiting the consultation with the specialist to develop a plan of attack in regards to my kidney stones. So my mom (aka Gramma) picked me up and took me out for birthday bingo, lunch at the Tulalip Casino and even some slots. Luckily the narcotics didn’t completely dull my senses, I managed to pay close enough attention to win not one, but two $50 games!  And only managed to lose $4.56 of that on penny slots by the end of the afternoon.

Soapfi was this excited for me!

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Behind The Eight Ball

So as Soapfi’s second birthday rapidly approaches, and I am home on good drugs while they figure out exactly what to do about my 10mm & 7mm kidney stones (so if today is a total rambling failure, I place the blame squarely on the Percocet), I have been trying to organize the 3,264 pictures of, or directly related to, Soapfi in hopes of really getting around to making that overdue photo album for the GP’s, and maybe make a legitimate push to put things into her baby book. The actual making of will wait until I’m drug/pain free so that it doesn’t end up looking like Picasso and Escher got into a brawl.

I came across these pictures and just wanted to share. Firstly because my friend Amanda Waltman kicks photography ass.  If you are in the greater Seattle area you *really* need to check out her work and have her do a session with your family, it’s worth it. Secondly because they are just so damn cute and you can see how much she looks like daddy! And thirdly because I can’t muster up enough clearheaded-ness to come up with a better blog subject today. Besides, who doesn’t love pictures of cute azz kids?

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