Stuff About Me

The fabulous photo of Soapfi was taken by my friend Amanda Waltman, you can view all her wonderful work here.

I’m fat, in my 40’s and a first time mom.

I’m an equal opportunity crafter – digital scrap booking, knitting, crochet, stamping, and even latch hooking a rug or two.

I’m also gamer geek – I love me some World of Warcraft.

I would die without my Kindle – I’m an avid reader of sci-fi and have no shame about liking some good old fashioned lady smut too.

If that isn’t enough, I also play ice hockey – both as a goalie and as a left wing, because one set of stinky hockey gear just isn’t enough.

Most importantly, I love a good laugh, often at the expense of others, but mostly at the expense of myself.

And no, we weren’t cruel parents who actually legally named our child Soapfi, the alternate spelling of Sophie is just an in joke between her father and me.

I started this as a way to keep friends & family, who can’t see Soapfi all that often due to pesky geography, in the loop on her childhood.  Of course I’m not above pimping out my child’s craziness for the amusement of complete strangers either!



5 thoughts on “Stuff About Me

  1. Love to keep up on your little Soapfi! Its a great nickname full of attitude. We use it with Amanda’s Sophia sometimes too =)

  2. suzyplatt

    Hi I nominated you for the Liebster award see this post

  3. Happy Saturday! I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award AND the Beautiful Blogger Award!

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