My April Fool

Soapfi may not really understand the concept of April Fool’s Day quite yet, but she is certainly getting into the spirit of things anyway.

I have been dreading the day where I answer her with “Because I said so”, and luckily it hasn’t happened yet. However, we apparently ask her why she does things far to often, since *she* is the one who has started answering all our questions “because”. Even though she started it, I still feel obligated to give her a good answer once she begins to ask why… at least the first three times.

And a side note about me – I finished my “Can Do 5K” yesterday in 53 minutes, a full five minutes better than my January 5K. And it means my New Years Resolution to do a 5K in every odd month is still unbroken. Waiting for sign ups for the May Color Run to open and then the streak can continue, I just don’t think I’ll be beating this time by another five minutes in May, especially since we’ll be getting pelted with color filled water balloons!

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3 thoughts on “My April Fool

  1. Love the box on the head….My most reliable response to the tenth “why” question in a row became: “I don’t know. Let’s look it up on the internet when we get home.” Usually they just forgot about it by then….

    • Excellent – I will definitely put that stock answer in my bag of tricks, she’s going to be a “But why?” kid, I can tell!

  2. Congrats on the 5k! That is extremely impressive to me!

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