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I Swear…

Far too much apparently.  We’re pretty much over the yucks, but now we have Olympic Fever, so I’m still kind of lacking in the whole motivation to blog department, but this happened last night so I figured I would share.

Soapfi is in the midst of another round of “I can do it”, this time with the added caveat of “all myself”. So it has generated many a frustrating moment for her. Last night she was attempting to put the plastic shoes back on her Calliou doll and was having a rough go of it – they aren’t super hard plastic, but they are still a pain in the azz even for Mommy & Daddy to get on and off his feet, which are the size of the great white north.

After about 90 seconds of frustration she hurls the shoes and the doll across the room, mutters FUDGE (only just like in The Christmas Story she didn’t really say fudge, but instead let slip the mother of all swear words), and buries her head in the carpet and begins to cry.

Of course I’m one of those uncouth parents caught between laughing hysterically because at 2.25 years old she is already only swearing at situationally appropriate times, and with a great deal of panache, being mortified because she might do this in public and it will reflect badly on me & Daddy, and then being indignant that people get so riled up about words they have made taboo because sometimes you just need a good bout of swearing to let it all out.

In the end we let it go without comment, dealt with the frustration and the shoes, and are desperately trying to watch our own potty mouths.

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Mini Me

In an effort to work through my “school is out for summer” attitude, I am attempting to at least put up a picture with a short story or quip so that the blog doesn’t end up in my unfinished craft pile. (I so relate to the unfinished projects part of this recent post by The Diary of a Reluctant Mother (another of my favorite blogs) it is scary –  and I think my pile of craft is way bigger than hers!)

Soapfi is starting the phase of wanting to imitate and be like the adults. She will plop down next to one of us and sit in the exact same way, if our legs are crossed, she’ll cross hers, if we have our hands clasped, she will too. It’s the cutest thing ever (and being the kind of parents we are, we kind of giggle during the swearing episodes – I know, I know we really have to watch our own potty mouths!)

In her effort to imitate Mommy she has started stealing my glasses and wearing them herself. She has most excellent eyesight (one of my first blog posts was all about it) so I don’t really think glasses are in her near future, but if her eyesight suddenly takes a dive, at least she’ll look frakkin’ cute!!!

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F*ity, F*, F*, F*

One of my favorite blogs, Parenting Illustrated With Crappy Pictures, had a post today about cursing. This inspired me in two ways – the first was to go ahead and share a Soapfi cursing story. The second was that I’ve been using a few curse words today based on the results of my appointment with the urology specialist about my kidney stones.

And although inspired in the other order, I shall tell the not so fun stuff first! In the grand scope of things, it’s not a huge (although the specialist did use the word “huge” to describe my two kidney stones!! Is it weird that I feel some pride/sense of accomplishment about that?) deal, the condition is completely treatable and they can manage my pain until then. But the treatment is SURGERY…. involving anesthesia, F*ity, F*, F*, F*!!! I’ve had surgeries before, I’ve been under anesthesia before, with no bad experiences, side effects, or anything to make me think this time is different. But what is different is that this time I have a kidlet. That is a mental game changer for me. Again I say, F*ity, F*, F*, F*!!

Now for the funnier bit. This was related to me by Daddy because it happened on a trip I couldn’t make with them because of work. They were going back east last Christmas to visit Soapfi’s Babcia (pronounced “bop-she” – it’s Polish for Grandma) & PaPa. Soapfi has already made three trips back east by plane, and for the most part has behaved like a model child, at least in public! However, according to Daddy she did show a bit of sass on the last plane ride. They were about half way through the flight, things had been going rather well, and then it became apparent she needed a diaper change. Changing our Mz WiggleWorm can be a challenge during the best of times, I can only imagine poor Daddy having to do it in the sardine can of an airplane restroom. Apparently during his struggles/frustration a few (okay MANY!) F Bombs were dropped. Daddy insists they were under his breath, but he forgets that Soapfi has the ears of a bat and the retention of an elephant. He thought he was home free as he finally got her changed and was starting to walk back to his seat, and then our Mz Soapfi decided to joyfully share F Bombs with the entire plane, repeatedly! Daddy said it was a toss up between whether more people were laughing in sympathy or being appalled that he had “taught” her such vocabulary!

All things considered we’re lucky she doesn’t swear like a longshoreman by now, we have got to be better about remembering that little ears are everywhere!

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