We Are “Those” Kinds of Parents

This morning I was making my way through my list of must read blogs, and got to The Diary of a Reluctant Mother’s Friday Funny Post. I had a good chuckle over the debate of whether the posted photo is funny or wretch inducing, and as I started to leave a comment I realized, OMG we are *THOSE* kinds of parents.

Poor Soapfi has been tasked with surviving us, and our brand of crazy. We find it absolutely hilarious to put her in take out bags, in the hamper, even in her Easter Basket when she was a wee thing, and take a picture. The crazier the better. Knock on wood she ends up with a good sense of humor and an appreciation for the fun of just being silly. I would like to think she would prefer these types of “embarrassing” photos over the standard “in the bathtub/running around naked” variety when it comes time for us to haul out the album in front of her future amour.

After all she needs to have *something* to be sullen and broody over during her teenage angst phase, we’re just trying to be accommodating!

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3 thoughts on “We Are “Those” Kinds of Parents

  1. HAHA! I have a picture of doing that same thing to my son! I guess I’m “those” parents too.

  2. Hey, I’m totally that kind of parent, too. I try to spread it out over Facebook, Livejournal, and here so that you’re not subjected to it too much. Or maybe you’re subjected to it anyway, because I can’t hide my Bison pride. No wait, that’s something else. But I do weird stuff to my babies so I can take pictures of them. That chickie picture is sooooo cute!

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