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On Our Way To Nanoose Bay

Well, we’re on our way in theory, since I haven’t packed a single thing yet – I mean I still have 14 hours before we have to be on the road, and hey – I’ve made a list – that has to count for something! Like Daddy has been saying all week, as long as we have the paperwork and the people, we can buy everything else if we need to. Of course it would be a wee bit more economical if I at least brought the big ticket items, and probably more pleasant if I had diapers and snacks available from the get go!

If I am motivated at midnight while waiting for that last load of laundry to dry I may attempt to queue up some “blast from the past” posts about things that happened with Soapfi before I started this whole blog thing. (I can’t believe I’ve been verbose enough to make 50 posts already, and I get even more flabbergasted when I realized someone besides myself and Soapfi’s godmothers are actually reading all this stuff!) 

I learned my lesson with the St. Paddy’s Day Dash, so I forgo hoping for good pictures and stories to be generated by the upcoming week, and just hope we survive!

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Too Much Stuff

We are in the process of packing for a week long vacation. Since we are going to be driving we seem to feel compelled to bring way too much stuff junk. There is the pack’n’play, the booster seat/travel high chair, better bring a few toys, books & DVDs, and the diapers, and the wipes, clothes for multiple weather scenarios, bathing suit – which means swim diapers too, oh man the sunscreen, sunglasses/sunhat (if she’ll even wear them), snacks, sippy cups, kid size cutlery, the favorite blanky, the backup blanky, the favorite stuffy, the backup stuffy, god forbid I forget the six pack of binkys. The trunk is probably already stuffed and we haven’t even gotten to daddy’s golf clubs and a few tattered clothes for our own bodies!

Too damn much junk… maybe we should just stay the hell home!

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Wordless Wednesday by Art of Subtlety – A Bonnet On It

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Bloop Bloop Bloop

Yesterday was practically Christmas in April. My Grinch heart grew three sizes and bloop, bloop, blooped it’s way to moosh. Soapfi has always been an affectionate kidlet, she adores the giving and receiving of hugs and kisses, and wants nothing more than to sit in your lap and cuddle. We know she loves us, because her face lights up, she squeals in delight, and runs full tilt into our legs when we pick her up from playschool. She wants nothing more than to just be around us, and since actions speak louder than words, we though we were content with how she expressed her love.

And then last night happened – for the first time ever Soapfi plopped herself into my lap, gave me a hug, and said clear as a bell “I love you Mommy”. Then she jumped down ran over and climbed into Daddy’s lap, gave him a hug, and said “I love you Daddy”.

Actions are good, but those words made every other crazy ass thing going on in our lives seem small and insignificant. Then Mommy and Daddy simply turned into a puddle of mush and caved in when she asked for chocolate later that night, most likely her long term plan the entire time!

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Bad Cinematography

We have a *very* cheap, carry it in your back pocket, people laugh at us and don’t take us seriously, video camera. It works moderately well inside, sometimes things are a little on the dark side, no matter how many 100 bazillion watt light bulbs we turn on, and it seems to pick up background sounds better than Soapfi’s voice even when she is two inches away. All that being said, it serves it’s purpose and has captured memories we will eventually treasure forever and share with the GPs… once I figure out how to use Movie Maker better, or break down and purchase “real” video editing software.

This weekend we discovered a new limitation on the video camera – it actually works like complete crap outdoors. Granted there was some “Micheal J Fox off his Parkinson’s meds” (too soon?) cinematography going on by the hubby – but the camera would just go bat shit crazy over the slightest changes in the natural lighting. And the teeny tiny LCD screen shows you jack in sunlight, so half the time he was either filming dirt, the top part of the fence, or what seems to be a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Which makes me sad, because we had sooooo much fun doing yard work as a family, and thought we had captured some fun stuff on camera.

Alas, Soapfi’s first encounter with a worm will have to live here in old fashioned text form with no pictures. We were turning over the dirt in the raised beds when we found one of the longest, fattest, and *fastest* earthworms I’ve seen. It was nearly nine inches long and it cruised around the outside of the garden bed at Mach 5. Soapfi was dutifully scooping up dirt from one bed and bringing it to another to “help” (aka making a dirt trail through the crushed rock between the beds). She spotted the worm, softly whispered “oh boy, look”, started hissing, and then greeted the worm with “hello snake”. (We have apparently not exposed her to enough Richard Scarry books with the little worm guy.) After watching the worm cruise along the edge of the bed getting farther away from her, she dumped her little shovel full of dirt on top of him and cheerfully waved “bye bye snake”. I’m not sure if I should just settle with being amused, or concerned for when she encounters a *real* snake – luckily snakes, not even garter snakes, aren’t all that common around our place.

I was able to salvage some bits and pieces of video, poorly edited, for your viewing pleasure:

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Indoctrination Begins Early

Lets face it, as much as we like to think otherwise, there is some indoctrination going on with our kids. Sure, we all spout how we want them to be independent little thinkers, taking on the world on their own terms, being their own person, bladdity, blah, blah, blah. But the reality is, there is a strong desire for them to like what we like, do what we do, and think like we think.

For us it’s mostly because we envision doing all kinds of fun stuff with Soapfi, but for right now our definition of “fun” is things *WE* like – golf, ice hockey, reading, crochet, knitting, and going to watch the AquaSox play baseball. As she gets older and asserts her opinions and ideas more, I will probably come to love gymnastics, horses, and tae kwon do or whatever else she decides to become passionate about (if it happened with Calliou, it can happen with anything!), but right now I could care less about them.

I’ll admit it, we’re trying to influence what she likes by exposing her over and over to what we like. And teaching her a few important phrases along the way:

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Mommy and Daddy are big believers in using things until they no longer function.

We didn’t by a new car until my old car just flat out refused to start, ever, even after going to the shop three times. We have bent and dented frying pans with only about 25% of the non-stick coating still left – but hey, they still fry stuff, so who cares if they aren’t pretty? My husband has polo shirts where the collar is attached with random 1/2 inch bits of the seam still intact – but since you can’t see the gaps when the collar is folded down properly it’s still a functioning shirt, right? Most of Soapfi’s wardrobe is either gifts or hand-me-downs, her outfits scream St. Vincent De Paul & Value Village, and we love that – there is plenty of love and wear left in those little clothes!

So all that being said, it should be no surprise that the TV in the Sarlacc Pit is at least 12 years old. I know I had it for many years before Daddy and I even met. It’s huge, heavy, and the remote was lost ages ago – but hey it has a power switch, channel and volume controls on the front of  it, so it still works just fine – and when hooked up to the cable box it kinda sorta has a new remote.

A few nights ago Soapfi and I were in the den playing at (“ABC Song! ABC Song!”) and the TV was on CBC for whichever playoff game they were showing at the time (for those to whom the connection of CBC and playoffs in the same sentence mean nothing – I’m sorry that the Stanley Cup Playoffs aren’t a bigger part of your life, or that you’re stuck watching an American feed – I thank my lucky starts to live in a state so close to Canada that my local cable provider sees fit to include a channel where I can watch my hockey properly – hockey without Ron MacLean and Don Cherry just isn’t right! But I digress…). All was well and happy in our world, we were following the bouncy ball as it strolled through the alphabet, pointing out the various letters in the background picture, when POP, BANG, FIZZ. There was a brief moment of screeching static, a big spark, and a cloud of black acrid smoke.

Mommy unceremoniously dumped poor Soapfi to the floor, ran to unplug the TV, made sure nothing was still on fire, and opened the window to air out the god awful stink. Poor Soapfi was crying “up, up, up” followed by “scary, scary, scary”. I went into comfort mode and got her calmed down. However, the remainder of the night she refused to go in the den, even going near the door to the den would elicit exclamations of “scary TV”. Many days later the stink still lingers, and Soapfi still shutters at having to walk by the TV to get to the bathroom to brush her teeth or wash her hands, her two most favorite things in the world!

We do fully intend to remove the TV, however it’s *very* heavy and we’ve got to make some room in either the garage or the basement to put it, so it is most definitely a “project” as opposed to a mere “task”. But in the mean time, I guess we are helping her learn to deal with fear and scary things. And no, it hasn’t turned her off of TV’s in general, just that one specifically.

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Wordless Wednesday by Art of Subtlety – 5mo Old Smiles

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Soafi is more and more fun every day. Her imagination continues to grow, and her curiosity is unrelenting. Her current thing is “Juice Party”, which is basically her version of Tea Party. She has yet to involve her stuffed animals, but has found willing accomplices in Mommy and Daddy.

We drink a lot of fake juice from tea light holders. She has basically taken over the cabinet full of my Partylite hardware and has turned it into what she considers the best juice serving set ever! She will pour and serve juice for hours on end if it wasn’t for pesky things like eating and diaper changes.

Her favorite part is clinking the “glasses” together and saying “Cheers”. It sends her into unrelenting giggle fits, which of course make us start to giggle, and it just goes from there. She gets very exuberant when toasting, the force transferred between the cups makes your hands sting! I made a few futile attempts to take pictures as all this toasting transpired, but all I captured were some silver blurs!

If you need some juice, just swing by our place, we have plenty!

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I Need A Fake Head

With everything that has happened, is going on, and will be coming up, I have been knitting and crocheting hats like a crazy woman to help keep myself sane.

I’ve got this super nerdy convention coming up in Salt Lake City this June, Nerdtacular, that I’m extremely excited about. I am even going to contributing some of my hats to the Prizeocalypse, as a way to get the word out about my Etsy shop, which is currently just a place holder for my hobby and to facilitate selling stuff to my friends. I have set a goal of 10 Jayne Cobb Hats, 5 Bender Hats, and if I ever manage to design them, 5 Zoidberg Hats. In addition, I have a cross stitch project and crochet afghan project to finish for some friends I will be meeting at the event. It’s so much more fun to be able to hand deliver items than just plopping them in a box and shipping them off.

Since I’ve actually managed to sell some hats on Etsy (to friends who saw some of my “look what I did” postings on G+ and specifically requested them) I have contemplated actually ramping up the whole having an Etsy shop thing, making real effort to get the shop going with a few ready to ship hats and listings for customized versions, and put it out there for the general public. However, I have realized that I am ill equipped for proper hat photography.

As cute as Mz Soapfi is, and as much as I’m willing to pimp her out to make me some money, she is a piss poor hat model for me.  I am usually making hats for adults, so they are too big, as is the case with this Bender inspired Robot Hat (this too could be yours!).

She just doesn’t want to cooperate, as is the case with this toddler sized Jayne Cobb Hat (your sci-fi loving toddler will adore it – and I make adult sizes too!).

Or because they are made for adults and not her, they just look wrong, as in the case of this beret that sadly looks more like a chemo cap on her. 

It’s official, I need to invest in a fake head!

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