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“Out There”… A Christmas “Song” Story

Been forever, but we are still around, she’s been doing tons a cute stuff and I’ve been a bad mommy who hasn’t put any of it down in print.  But this one was too fun not to share.  Enjoy!

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Working for a Living

For not quite 2.5 years old, Soapfi is pretty damn observant and retains huge quantities of information. We usually notice this when she is playing with her dolls and instigates some interesting (and revealing) scenarios and conversations. Her most recent topic of play has been to send her dolls to playschool while she goes to work.

Sometimes she pretends to be Mommy and goes to work on the computer, and other times she pretends to be Daddy and “fixes” her airplanes. Daddy is actually an acoustical engineer for a big airplane manufacturing company out here in the Northwest that I shall not name directly, and he troubleshoots noise problems (and he isn’t in community noise, so it’s not his damn fault the planes are loud when they fly over your house – it’s his fault the air thingies whine and you hear weird whistling sounds from air moving through the cabin). We figured at 2.5 “Daddy fixes airplanes” was close enough without getting into the details.

Turns out she filled in the details all on her own.  We were driving by the worlds largest building by volume, which is just across the street from Daddy’s office, and mentioned that sometimes Daddy works in that building too. And Soapfi pipped up “fixing airplanes”. So Mommy asked “Do you know how Daddy fixes airplanes?”

“Yep – with screwdrivers and batteries”

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As Soapfi continues to grow, she inches up on those minimum height requirement charts and more fun activities are open to her when we go places. We were delighted to find out she was big enough to go on her very first pony ride while we were at the Skagit Valley Highland Games. It was the best $4 we had spent all day – she was ecstatic.

We had been concerned it would turn into one of those things that sounded better in concept than in execution. That she would be excited right up until she actually got on the pony, and then it would morph into one of her “it’s scary” episodes. But she remained enthusiastic the entire time, from waiting in line for her turn, clear up until it was time to wave goodbye to the pony.

Early on she was concentrating fiercely on keeping her grip on the saddle horn, but by the fourth or fifth time around she was feeling brave enough to practice her parade wave!

The only downside to the experience has been for Mommy, as I am now the de facto pony around the house, and she likes to go for rides… a lot!

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Wordless Wednesday by Art of Subtlety – Raspberry & Chives

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How We Roll

Last night Soapfi unrolled the wall hanging I had won at Nerdtacular – it was a Scott Johnson comic of Captain America sitting on the Hulk’s shoulders. She gave Captain America a hug and asked what the picture was, so I started explaining about cartoons and comics and that you could get them at comic book stores.

Soapfi began asking to go for a car ride to the comic book shop.  Luckily our local shop was only 10 blocks away and open for another half hour, so we went for a quick trip.  She picked out two comics – Peanuts (can’t argue with a classic!) and Sleepy Time Crime from DC Super Pets which is specifically for the shorties. She had fun looking at all the toys and games in the shop too.  She got VERY excited about Spiderman and went “oooohhh dragon” when she saw a Darth Maul bust figurine.

She was ecstatic when she saw the Zombie Dice game and carried it all over the store – I like to think it was the red, yellow, and green dice that got her excited and not the zombie on the cup!!

Our only hiccup was when mommy put her foot down that we didn’t need yet another stuffed animal, although she looked super cute giving plushie green lantern the squeeze hug of death!

By the end of the trip we managed to leave with two books and a dice game. She “read” the Peanuts book on the way home, and couldn’t wait to “play” Zombie dice – Soapfi rules as follows:

  1. Shake the cup up really well
  2. Fling dice all over the floor
  3. Carry them around in your shirt
  4. Line dice up and count them
  5. Re-arrange them by color
  6. Stack them in the cup lid
  7. Bake in play kitchen oven

Then repeat #4 through #6 indefinitely – or until something else shiny becomes distracting!

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Wordless Wednesday by Art of Subtlety – Dancing in the Rain

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Magic Wand!

Look at me, doing the whole fancy scheduled post thing!  I’m hopefully all nerd-ed out, most likely safely on my way back home, and definitely missing Soapfi. Hopefully she’s been having fun with Daddy and playing magician:

Because magic wands (otherwise known as size Q crochet hooks!), capes (yep we’re the people that buy those NFL themed Snuggies knockoffs!), and top hats (okay we were fresh out of top hats, but a mommy made Jayne Cobb cunning hat is even better for the crafty sci-fi nerd in me!) are awesome!

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Wordless Wednesday by Art of Subtlety – Get Grubby!

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Mostly Wordless Wednesday by Art of Subtlety – Hi Daddy!

So here is a sneak peak of some of the fun stuff from Soapfi’s last photo session – so glad to have some more Art of Subtlety stuff to share.  If you haven’t checked out her work – run, don’t walk, right over to her website! And if you’re in the greater Seattle area and need family photos she is worth every penny! Just tell her Soapfi sent you!

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Behold the Power of Cheese

By the end of the week we were running out of places to go, but the wonderful ladies at the Spa recommended we take the kidlets to Morningstar Farm, home of Little Qualicum Cheeseworks.

Best. Idea. Ever. It is basically a working farm where they let you tromp around on your own. They even have a cute little scavenger hunt set up for the kids.  You walk around the farm attempting to find all the stamping stations to earn a prize from the general store .

We were amazed how much unsupervised access they gave you. They posted rules and trusted you to follow them – like please close the door behind you so you don’t let the bunnies out of the hutch when you come in to visit them. Penzilla was brave enough to give bunny petting a try.

Obviously they didn’t allow access to the machinery in the milking barn, or let you climb into the pig pen itself (i.e. they were mindful of the truly dangerous stuff).  But the amount of freedom to meet the animals was a nice change from a typical petting zoo setup. If we hadn’t been stymied by a quagmire of mud, we could have walked out into the field with the goats and sheep. The girls were enchanted with getting to pet the baby cows, and wave at the horses. And to Soapfi’s delight there were chickens and ducks everywhere.

Like any good place geared for kids, there was all kinds of stuff for them to climb on, they loved playing with the knobs and dials on the old tractor, and took turns with who got to steer. And although we had a momentary set back trying to find the stamp for the milking barn (it was hiding behind an open door) we did manage to find all ten stations and claim our rewards (Cherry Blow Pops).

We also tasted a lot of mighty fine cheese. I thought Soapfi was going to eat them out of all their samples as it was a litany of “More cheese please” after the very first bite. She loved them all, from their Monterey Jill (they say it’s like Jack only softer – I say it’s freaking YUMMY!) to their longer aged Rathtrevor Cheese, Soapfi was a cheese tasting machine (she liked the Cheddar the best).

I controlled myself and only bough four 6oz blocks of cheese  (Monterey Jill, Tispsy Jill, Cheddar & Rathtrevor) and a bag of cheese curds so Daddy could make some Poutine that night, but I wanted to buy so much more! Do not underestimate the power of cheese!

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