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What Soapfi Loves

What she loves right now is vegetables. So much so that she can’t even wait until dinner is on the table to get to her peas & carrots. She ate half the bowl before we finally took it away (under much protest by Soapfi) so that there would be some left for Mommy & Daddy!

Oh, and she’s wicked good with devouring an entire cob of corn all on her own too!

I don’t know how long this whole veggie loving phase will last, but I plan to stuff her full of them while I can.

Things are kind of crazy around the house right now, and I’m getting ready for a road trip to nerd out with my friends at Nerdtacular 2012 in Salt Lake City.

Despite personally being out of school for quite awhile, I’m falling into the “school is out for summer” mindset when it comes to blogging, so apologies in advance for the lack of regularity in posting, and slow responses to comments. I’ll get my azz back on track one of these weeks!

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Angry Peas

Knock on our wooden heads, but we have been extremely lucky when it comes to Soapfi and picky eating. She really isn’t all that picky, she’ll try just about anything, actually loves to eat vegetables, and so far we’ve managed to convince her that yogurt is better than ice cream. Sure, she goes through phases where she prefers one thing over another, has an obsession with chips and crackers, or will eat something for a week straight (bananas) then not want a thing to do with them the following week. She has spurts where she eats like Joey Chestnut at the Nathan’s 4th of July extravaganza, followed by bouts where you’d think she was trying to make the pinweight class for the Baby Boxing Olympics.

Daddy is thrilled with the general lack of picky-ness for two reasons. The first being that it doesn’t entail any extra cooking. For the most part, if we’re having it, she’s having it. And the second, and most important reason, is that Soapfi is on track to be his partner in crime when it comes to adventurous eating (he jokes that his biggest disappointment is that I don’t like sushi). Soapfi loves nothing more than to sample whatever Daddy is attempting to eat, and as a result sriracha, cayenne, wasabi, and jalapeno have all been tasted and declared yummy.

When she does doesn’t feel like eating, I don’t really consider that picky, since we can usually manage to eventually get her to nibble on one of a few “go to” favorites – cheese, yogurt, strawberries, or spagetti. Other times she just gets an idea in her head that she wants something specific and nothing else will do. We had one of those nights last week. She didn’t eat much all day, and since dinner was going to be heated up leftovers I asked if she would like pizza or chicken korma. She didn’t want either, which surprised me, I had assumed she would go straight for the “pizzas”.

Nope, she wanted peas. Okay, peas it is. She devoured them like she was on a mission, but even though she had specifically asked for them, she sure seemed angry about it!

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