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The Eyes Have It

So yeah, um… this robot hat thing on Etsy….. I’m a victim of finding an unfulfilled kitsch hat niche.

I’m now backlogged FOURTEEN freaking hats, have go to Michaels on Monday to special order a bulk purchase of grey yarn just to finish the last four of those fourteen hats, will not be putting up *ANY* new listings until mid-September (at the soonest), am contemplating bumping the price up yet another $5, will be crocheting on the bus too & from work all week, and have a pile of creepy eyeballs hanging out on the dining room table.

And for all my moaning and groaning… I’m actually doing the happy dance of pure giddy glee that so many people like my stuff… and am now thinking my glib comment about hiring little old ladies from the local nursing home may not be such a bad idea!

I promise to get back to blabbing about Ms Soapfi tomorrow and all the fun stuff we did over the weekend.

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Crocheting IDIOT!

Holy, HOLY, HOLY Crap!!!!!  So as I mentioned earlier this week, my Robot Hat was proving popular on my Etsy Store.  I was all jazzed that I would be making five hats and tee-hee wasn’t it nice that people liked my stuff.

Three days, and four finished hats later, my hands hurt and my face is turning as grey as the yarn I’ve been using! And there is one small problem, I wasn’t really thinking ahead and set up the listing to auto-renew after purchase… so I *STILL* have four hats to make cause people keep ordering them (that has since been fixed and why I purposely didn’t link a listing to it up there when I mentioned Robot Hat!)!!

I know, I know, first world problem!!  But I’m running out of yarn & pupils for the eyeballs and I’ve already completely bought out TWO of the local JoAnn Craft stores of all their 15mm pupils and grey yarn! (Boo on Michaels for not carrying these pupils!).  And I really need to get these finished before Soapfi & Daddy get home from back east because I want to spend my Sunday playing and catching up, not crocheting!

However, on the bright side, how cool is it that one of my hats will be heading out to Australia tomorrow?!

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Funny Faces

I had so much fun on my trip, I nerded out, caught up in person with peeps I had only known online, and met a ton of new friends. But even though it was a blast, I am so glad to be home, because I sorely missed Soapfi and all the fun we have when we are together.

I think the thing I missed the most was being silly at dinner. Soapfi loves to bop around and dance in her chair, and make faces – oh how I missed that face! I have to get my fill as fast as possible, because tomorrow night she leaves with Daddy for a week back east to hang out with her Papa & Babchi.

I’m torn between being delighted that I’ll be able to do all the things I want (like get yard work done uninterrupted, craft without having to worry about stitch markers getting eaten, and play Diablo 3 without worrying Soapfi might decide that punching and helicopter kicking things is a great way to solve all your problems (yep I’m playing a Monk)), and having to go another week without participating in all the fun things she is learning and doing (although I must say the absence of diaper changes has been rather nice!).

I’m sure the week will fly by, and if I get too nostalgic, I’ve got a crap-ton of pictures that need to go into photo albums!

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I Need A Fake Head

With everything that has happened, is going on, and will be coming up, I have been knitting and crocheting hats like a crazy woman to help keep myself sane.

I’ve got this super nerdy convention coming up in Salt Lake City this June, Nerdtacular, that I’m extremely excited about. I am even going to contributing some of my hats to the Prizeocalypse, as a way to get the word out about my Etsy shop, which is currently just a place holder for my hobby and to facilitate selling stuff to my friends. I have set a goal of 10 Jayne Cobb Hats, 5 Bender Hats, and if I ever manage to design them, 5 Zoidberg Hats. In addition, I have a cross stitch project and crochet afghan project to finish for some friends I will be meeting at the event. It’s so much more fun to be able to hand deliver items than just plopping them in a box and shipping them off.

Since I’ve actually managed to sell some hats on Etsy (to friends who saw some of my “look what I did” postings on G+ and specifically requested them) I have contemplated actually ramping up the whole having an Etsy shop thing, making real effort to get the shop going with a few ready to ship hats and listings for customized versions, and put it out there for the general public. However, I have realized that I am ill equipped for proper hat photography.

As cute as Mz Soapfi is, and as much as I’m willing to pimp her out to make me some money, she is a piss poor hat model for me.  I am usually making hats for adults, so they are too big, as is the case with this Bender inspired Robot Hat (this too could be yours!).

She just doesn’t want to cooperate, as is the case with this toddler sized Jayne Cobb Hat (your sci-fi loving toddler will adore it – and I make adult sizes too!).

Or because they are made for adults and not her, they just look wrong, as in the case of this beret that sadly looks more like a chemo cap on her. 

It’s official, I need to invest in a fake head!

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The Other Stuff

So far it’s been all about Soapfi, but as the blog title eludes to, there really is other stuff!

Behind the scenes I have been furiously crocheting away on a custom stadium blanket for the upcoming charity auction for the Sockeyes Cancer Foundation. It will hopefully look something like this base photo that I started my design from. It’s a wonderful group that ties together two things I’m passionate about, ice hockey (side note – I’m signed up to take some refresher lessons so I can start playing again this summer, I shall endeavor to make posts on my progress (or lack there of!)) and raising money for cancer research (my father passed away from colon caner before he ever got the chance to know about or meet Soapfi). I hope to have it done in the next few weeks and I promise pictures once I’m through. To convey an idea of the kind of blankets I make, here is the one I made for my favorite podcaster who is responsible for the Frogpants Studio network of shows that I’m completely addicted to. The lighting is a little yellow, but I think it still conveys how downright awesome my work can be!

I still make things for Soapfi, in fact I am currently taking an Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster course on Craftsy to learn how to design and make crocheted amigurumi, and was inspired to make my own Flying Purple People Eater!

(It received mixed reviews from Soapfi, but I thought it wasn’t half bad for making it from scratch with no pattern!) I also took a knitting class on making seamless knit toys from designer Susan B. Anderson. And this is the elephant I ended up making. (I can’t speak highly enough about Craftsy (no I’m not getting any kind of kickback for this endorsement!). I know that you can get a lot of tutorials free on You Tube, but the quality of instruction and being able to interact with the instructor has certainly been worth the price to me…. and I will do a mini blog about their awesomeness some other time!)  

My current project is my first attempt at Illusion (or Shadow) Knitting. It’s going to be a World of Warcraft themed baby blanket, and not to be a tease, but I don’t want to say any more than that until it’s done (I’m about 1/3 of the way done). I think that’s probably more than enough crafty/non-Soapfi stuff for the day!

Tomorrow Soapfi and I are doing the St. Paddy’s Day Dash in Seattle, hopefully I’ll get a good story or two (not to mention cute pictures) out of the deal.

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