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Sittin’ On A Rock In The Bay

The resort was on a nice inlet off the Straight of Georgia with a decent shoreline that had plenty of stomping ground even during high tide.

Soapfi was having a blast because her lovely rain boots were among the stuff we crammed into the car.

She found her first sand dollar, turned over rocks to find crabs, enjoyed throwing the turned over rocks into the bay, poked at some seaweed (the verdict: eeewwwwwww) and generally just enjoyed stomping around.

Soapfi had so many new things to explore she couldn’t make up her mind what to do next or which way to walk, which means I *finally* captured her “I don’t know” shrug on film!

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Wordless Wednesday – Art of Subtlety Style

Another “mostly” Wordless Wednesday, brought to you by my kick azz photographer friend Amanda Waltman. I think I’m just going to start calling it “Wordless Wednesday by AoS”¬†until I run out of pictures from all the previous shoots. (We have many, many Wednesdays left to fill, and a photo shoot coming up in May, so fear not!)

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