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Daddy’s Girl

Soapfi full out in italicized bold capitol letters LOVES her Daddy, and Daddy loves her right back. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the two of them together.

A lot has changed in two years, but one thing has stayed absolutely the same, Soapfi’s favorite place to hang out is still on Daddy, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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O Binky, My Binky

As previously mentioned I have 3,000+ pictures of Soapfi to sort through. Roughly a third of them are no good just because they are out of focus, she is running out of the frame, or some other photography misfire – no flash, too much flash, flashing in general. No problem, those are easy to metaphorically toss (because lets face it, it’s digital so I never even bother to go in and truly delete them).

The next hurdle is the binky, the all pervasive, must have it, can’t live without it, bright green, takes up half my face, binky. It is my best friend when I’m desperate to just put a cork in her, and my worst enemy when I want to take a cute picture.

I loathe to let her be upset when I know something as simple as that rubbery green disc of comfort will turn off the tears like a switch, but at the same time I hate having to chase them down the street when she gets excited talking and it falls out of her mouth (damn those things can roll!) Or even worse, when she’s been without it for a few hours of her own volition, we get in the car and ten minutes into the ride she realizes she doesn’t have one, she needs one, and mommy forgot to stash one in her pocket.

The binky company has made a fortune off me, we have at least fifteen of the damn things stashed throughout the house, of which we are lucky to find one of at any given time. Her daycare has got her conditioned to only bother to ask for it at nap time, we are working hard for the same at home, however the binky faeries are working against us.  We tell her no, she can only have it for naps or at bed time, she pouts, and 30 seconds later she has found one under the coffee table, behind the sofa, or most likely pulled one out from behind her ear.  At least she will now ask us to “wash binky” when she finds one instead of just putting it, and the 5 million dust bunnies it has collected since it was lost eons ago, into her mouth.

I feel like we’re on the verge of kicking the binky habit. All it will take is a little desire to “be like the big kids” and maybe some creativity on my part, perhaps a special binky box that we can put them in with a little bit of pomp & circumstance and a ceremony to donate them to the babies who really need them. She is starting to show more signs of understanding what it means to help and take care of others, or at least I’m assuming that’s what it means now that she is no longer smacking her dolls heads against her plastic car with glee and abandon, but instead is gently laying them on the couch and running around to us going “shhh, shhh, baby sleeping”.

And even though the photographer in me will be glad to have binky free pictures, the quick problem solver in me is really going to miss that cork…. hmmmm perhaps I’m the one with binky issues!

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Broken Sleep

Midnight is the witching hour, 2am is last call, what the hell does Soapfi find so magical about 4:30am? I used to be a 911 operator, I know that 99.9% of the time, nothing good happens at 4:30am.

At her age she allegedly needs 10-12 hours of sleep a night plus a 1-3 hour nap. I say allegedly, because it was beaten unrelentingly into my head that every child is different during birthing/parenting classes. (Which we ended up calling “Go Ask Your Doctor” class because no matter what question we asked, the only answer we *ever* got was “every child is different, ask your doctor”. I am trying very hard not to sidestep into *that* particular rant.)  

We had dutifully established a routine for Soapfi, up at 7:30 am, 2 hour nap from 1-3p, in bed at 9p. And for many glorious months all was good in our home, sunshine shone out our butts, a trail of wildflowers and buttercups sprang from our steps, and we just “la la la’d” about our days (okay there was no “la la la’ing” as none of us can carry a tune).

Recently Soapfi has been waking up at 4:30am, not just because she is binky-less or had a bad dream or heard a loud noise.  Those kind of wake ups are easy, they take five minutes of holding her doing that ridiculous “shh-shh” bounce step around the room, and poof she goes right back in the crib, cuddles with Turtle, and boom out like a light.  This new thing is completely different, she is full on awake, bright and shiny and ready for the day. Lord help me, I have given birth to a <GASP> *morning person*.

Sometimes with a great amount of cajoling, we can get her to go back to sleep if we move her out of her crib and onto the single bed that’s also in the room, and sleep there with her.  But that still involves about 30-45 minutes of “get up mommy/daddy”, “read book”, “Calliou”, and her crawling all over the parent who is trying not to whimper too much while asserting that it’s still night night time and too damn early for most reasonable people to be awake. But even if she does go back to sleep, our sleep is broken, the damage has been done.

We have put spare binkys and picture books within easy reach, this mollifies her for about 30 minutes (getting us to 4:30 as opposed to 4am!) before the cheerful calls of “Mommy” and “Daddy” come bellowing across the hall. I think it’s the cheerful that I resent the most, how can she be so happy so bloody early in the morning? It’s just not natural!!

Please, please, please let this be a phase.

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