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Goats *Not* On The Roof

Our vacation was very low key, besides actually making reservations for a place to stay we did *zero* planning (as evidenced by the whole ferry fiasco on the trip home). Our trip was really meant to be a chance to get out of town and let Soapfi spend time with her Godparents and their daughter (henceforth known by her nickname Penzilla (the reference to Godzilla is purposely ironic as she is so tiny & sweet)). We stayed in a two bedroom suite with a full kitchen so we could have family style meals and the shorties could be together constantly.

The grown up ladies had a few spa days (yeah!), the boys had a few rounds of golf, and the little ladies demanded we get the hell outta the suite at least once a day even though the adults were perfectly happy to sit around watching hockey or reading our Kindles!

So on one of the days the boys were golfing, Soapfi’s Godmother (henceforth known by her nickname KK) and I decided to go check out the Old Country Market in Coombs, whose touristy gimmick was having goats on their roof. We bundled Soapfi & Penzilla into the car and headed north in search of goats.

We found the market, but despite all the advertising along the roadway, in the travel brochures, and on their actual sign, no goats were on the roof. But the did have cookies and all kinds of fun wooden toys inside the market, so they were amused…. for about 15 minutes.

We wandered around the general area and found a strange little courtyard full of a mishmash of statuary and a rusted out shell of a car with plywood seats. So we spent about 45 minutes letting them climb all over everything. They even had one of those mini-carousels you can still find outside of KMart. For a mere Loonie they had two full minutes of joy going around in a circle riding garishly painted plastic horses that didn’t even move up and down.

We did eventually find the goats, they were out back in their winter home, turns out they only live on the roof in the summer, we were just a few months too early.

In the end though, all that mattered was that they had cookies and ran around enough that they conked out for naps as soon as we got back to the suite!

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Peek Boo No More

The almighty “everyone” strikes again, everyone says to enjoy it while it lasts, they are only young once, blah blah blah. I am enjoying things, amazed at how much she is growing and changing day by day, and still impatient for her to reach certain ages and milestones, because I perceive them to be times when we’ll have even more fun.

I can’t *wait* until she can do more with yarn than just wrap herself up in it and run around. I hope that she will take interest in all that crafty stuff that I love – I want to take her to Michaels when she truly comprehends the *FUN* of all the available “stuff” and what we could make together. Right now it mostly involves her being impatient with having to stay in the cart, because she certainly gets the “oh, shiny” aspect of being in there and won’t hesitate to grab any and everything! (We came home with one stem of fake roses (bent beyond repair) and one box of crayons (tips all broken off because she dropped them) in addition to the planned St. Paddy’s Day related purchases, all because I couldn’t mitigate the rapid destruction of said items when the cart drifted a wee bit too close to the shelves. I am a firm believer in “you break it, you buy it” because it’s just *NOT COOL* to pretend your child’s swath of destruction did not happen.) 

I look forward to the day when we can sit down and truly read a story together. She loves books, loves identifying things in pictures, but what she loves most is turning the pages…. rapidly!! I love reading and I’m a completest, nothing frustrates me more than trying to read The Hungry Little Caterpillar and skipping all the fun counting/eating bits in the middle even if I know it all by heart and have already “read” it a dozen times that day.

All that being said about my rush towards her future, there are things that I’m starting to miss. One of those happened last night when I realized how *complete* her sentences have become. Granted it’s still “I do it.” and “I no like it.” She hasn’t mastered contractions or all her verb tenses yet, but she is beginning to fill out her sentences with “a” and “the”, and starting to pronounce things better. Last night at dinner she declared to the world that “I like the milk.” Even though “I like milk.” is a perfectly appropriate sentence, to me, putting in the “the” made it seem so much more grown up.

The one that got me the most though, was realizing that she was now properly saying “Peek A Boo” when we were playing. I admit it, I miss “Peek Boo”.

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Nuances of Brass Instruments

Sometimes I forget that Soapfi isn’t even 2 yet. She soaks up everything like a sponge, and what is even more astonishing to me is how much she retains and then applies it appropriately at a later date.

My favorite example, even though it involves her probably watching way to much TV for her age, is the “Eh, Mickey” (how it sounds when she tries to do the pirate “Argghh, Matey”) that she picked up from Calliou. Calliou gets a pirate book from the library, he and his dad say “Argghh, Matey” back and forth a few times in the episode in relation to pirates being pictured on screen. Last week we realized she was retaining what she was seeing and applying it to other things far better than we imagined.

We were at Toys ‘R Us letting her try out tricycles and bike helmets in anticipation of buying them for her birthday. Conclusion: “No Like It”, so she will be getting Gator Golf and a cash register she was completely enamored with.  

We were walking down the isle with all those Playmobil sets when she starts growling “Eh, Mickey”, sure enough – we were walking by the Pirates. Holy crap, Mommy’s mind is now officially blown away – kidlet recognizes chunky plastic men are pirates, kidlet connects chunky plastic pirates to cartoon pirates from TV, kidlet remembers what cartoon pirates are supposed to say and shares it with us.

So now that we realize how much she is actually remembering, are we starting to unintentionally overload her with information?

We were playing some Monster and TRAIN, as well as participating in the much beloved “Run around in circles and fall down” dance with the hockey game on in the background. At some point an ad came on with a band featuring a closeup of the trombone player. Soapfi started shouting (when she is in identification mode, it is *always* a shout and usually repeated in triplicate) “trumpet, trumpet, trumpet”, at which point Daddy points out that it is actually a trombone. “Oh, tombone”.

Then Daddy wonders aloud “Does she really need to know the nuances of brass instruments at her age?”

Does she? Shouldn’t we just be happy she was at least in the same section of the orchestra and didn’t think it was a woodwind??

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