Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Made it through surgery fine, recovery is going to be a bit rougher than I hoped. As they repeatedly said, the stone was huge, which meant more of an effort to remove it, which of course leads to more bruising, swelling, etc etc etc. And because it’s typical of how stuff happens to me, the stint stays in until Friday the 13th, good thing I’m not superstitious! But at least I have pictures like this (thanks to Art of Subtlety kick azz photographer Amanda Waltman) that never fail to make me smile!

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3 thoughts on “Mostly Wordless Wednesday

  1. Glad it went fine. Hope you are feeling completely healed up immediately!

  2. Linda Bloom

    What a great smile! I hope your recovery goes well. Do you need any help?

    • Thanks for the offer! Luckily my needs are simple – lots of water (check), good pain meds (check), xfinity on demand (check), Soapfi being looked after my more responsible people than me during the day (check), and Mom home from Snowbirding in Texas to cart me around (check)! Glad to know you’re stopping by to keep up to date on our crazyness!!!

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