Wordless Wednesday – Art of Subtlety Style

Another “mostly” Wordless Wednesday, brought to you by my kick azz photographer friend Amanda Waltman. I think I’m just going to start calling it “Wordless Wednesday by AoS” until I run out of pictures from all the previous shoots. (We have many, many Wednesdays left to fill, and a photo shoot coming up in May, so fear not!)

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4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Art of Subtlety Style

  1. So super adorable!

  2. Deni Lyn

    She’s crazy cute! I haven’t had much time to make too many comments recently but I’m very much enjoying your posts. I check out every one!

    • Aw thanks! Glad you’re enjoying my crazy! And no worries about not commenting much, I always feel bad that I read a lot of blogs but don’t always say much or remember to go to the page and officially like them since I subscribe by email! I’m kind of a “lurker” that way!

      • Deni Lyn

        “Lurker” I love it! That should be some kind of blog abbreviation. You have no idea how long it too me to figure out what SAHM or DH meant! I do try to subscribe (as I did with your blog) because I tend to read my email frequently. Of course, this leads to lots of reading and less commenting 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you and the cutie are up to next!

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