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Sittin’ On A Rock In The Bay

The resort was on a nice inlet off the Straight of Georgia with a decent shoreline that had plenty of stomping ground even during high tide.

Soapfi was having a blast because her lovely rain boots were among the stuff we crammed into the car.

She found her first sand dollar, turned over rocks to find crabs, enjoyed throwing the turned over rocks into the bay, poked at some seaweed (the verdict: eeewwwwwww) and generally just enjoyed stomping around.

Soapfi had so many new things to explore she couldn’t make up her mind what to do next or which way to walk, which means I *finally* captured her “I don’t know” shrug on film!

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Bad Cinematography

We have a *very* cheap, carry it in your back pocket, people laugh at us and don’t take us seriously, video camera. It works moderately well inside, sometimes things are a little on the dark side, no matter how many 100 bazillion watt light bulbs we turn on, and it seems to pick up background sounds better than Soapfi’s voice even when she is two inches away. All that being said, it serves it’s purpose and has captured memories we will eventually treasure forever and share with the GPs… once I figure out how to use Movie Maker better, or break down and purchase “real” video editing software.

This weekend we discovered a new limitation on the video camera – it actually works like complete crap outdoors. Granted there was some “Micheal J Fox off his Parkinson’s meds” (too soon?) cinematography going on by the hubby – but the camera would just go bat shit crazy over the slightest changes in the natural lighting. And the teeny tiny LCD screen shows you jack in sunlight, so half the time he was either filming dirt, the top part of the fence, or what seems to be a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Which makes me sad, because we had sooooo much fun doing yard work as a family, and thought we had captured some fun stuff on camera.

Alas, Soapfi’s first encounter with a worm will have to live here in old fashioned text form with no pictures. We were turning over the dirt in the raised beds when we found one of the longest, fattest, and *fastest* earthworms I’ve seen. It was nearly nine inches long and it cruised around the outside of the garden bed at Mach 5. Soapfi was dutifully scooping up dirt from one bed and bringing it to another to “help” (aka making a dirt trail through the crushed rock between the beds). She spotted the worm, softly whispered “oh boy, look”, started hissing, and then greeted the worm with “hello snake”. (We have apparently not exposed her to enough Richard Scarry books with the little worm guy.) After watching the worm cruise along the edge of the bed getting farther away from her, she dumped her little shovel full of dirt on top of him and cheerfully waved “bye bye snake”. I’m not sure if I should just settle with being amused, or concerned for when she encounters a *real* snake – luckily snakes, not even garter snakes, aren’t all that common around our place.

I was able to salvage some bits and pieces of video, poorly edited, for your viewing pleasure:

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Soafi is more and more fun every day. Her imagination continues to grow, and her curiosity is unrelenting. Her current thing is “Juice Party”, which is basically her version of Tea Party. She has yet to involve her stuffed animals, but has found willing accomplices in Mommy and Daddy.

We drink a lot of fake juice from tea light holders. She has basically taken over the cabinet full of my Partylite hardware and has turned it into what she considers the best juice serving set ever! She will pour and serve juice for hours on end if it wasn’t for pesky things like eating and diaper changes.

Her favorite part is clinking the “glasses” together and saying “Cheers”. It sends her into unrelenting giggle fits, which of course make us start to giggle, and it just goes from there. She gets very exuberant when toasting, the force transferred between the cups makes your hands sting! I made a few futile attempts to take pictures as all this toasting transpired, but all I captured were some silver blurs!

If you need some juice, just swing by our place, we have plenty!

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What’s Cooking?

Every day Soapfi’s imagination grows.  Sometimes she’s a bird, running around in circles flapping her arms, other times she is apparently channeling Stevie Wonder and closes her eyes and sways her head back and forth to a tune only she can hear.

She loves to “mix” things at her play kitchen, and I’ve had so much imaginary water and juice this past week I really am surprised my kidney stone didn’t just give up and pass all on it’s own!

She adores her play kitchen, however I don’t always want to know what she’s cooking. If she offers you soup, I would suggest you politely decline!

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My April Fool

Soapfi may not really understand the concept of April Fool’s Day quite yet, but she is certainly getting into the spirit of things anyway.

I have been dreading the day where I answer her with “Because I said so”, and luckily it hasn’t happened yet. However, we apparently ask her why she does things far to often, since *she* is the one who has started answering all our questions “because”. Even though she started it, I still feel obligated to give her a good answer once she begins to ask why… at least the first three times.

And a side note about me – I finished my “Can Do 5K” yesterday in 53 minutes, a full five minutes better than my January 5K. And it means my New Years Resolution to do a 5K in every odd month is still unbroken. Waiting for sign ups for the May Color Run to open and then the streak can continue, I just don’t think I’ll be beating this time by another five minutes in May, especially since we’ll be getting pelted with color filled water balloons!

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Birthday Box

Considering the our ineptitude as parents, I’m not sure how we managed to get Soapfi through her first two years mostly unscathed. Some of our friends probably lost money on a secret baby injury pool that must exist somewhere! We celebrated by having a party at Kids ‘N Clay. It was a win for everybody, the kids had fun painting their choice of ceramics, we didn’t have to clean up (the house before hand or the mess after!), and we have a commemorative plate with Soapfi’s hand print as well as thumb prints from all the kidlet guests.

Soapfi still takes awhile to warm up to large groups even when she knows everybody, but she was having fun by the end. She was a little perplexed by the whole concept of blowing out the candle, so daddy ended up having to assist.

Our friends were extremely generous with their gifts – beautiful spring outfits we desperately needed, fun Calliou toys that were naturally a hit, and even a play kitchen! Of course, in the end her favorite thing was the cardboard box that play kitchen came in!

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Not Just For Your Feet

So this is the obligatory parenting post about the kidlet being fascinated with wearing their parents shoes. Naturally Soapfi has to do it her own way. Don’t get me wrong, she loves to wear them on her feet and tromp around the living room, but she prefers to wear them on her hands and smack them together like she’s in 1950’s detention cleaning erasers.

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These Boots Were Made For Stomping

Soapfi’s Gramma is back in town after doing her whole Snowbird thing in Texas for the past five months. Despite leaving town to avoid the crappy winter weather around here, she woke up to an inch of snow at her place. (I admit, I giggled, but only a little!) Luckily it wasn’t anything near “Snowpocalypse 2012”, so she was able to come visit for the afternoon, and like any Gramma worth her salt, she came bearing gifts!

I have to give credit to Gramma though, she was kind enough not to be bearing gifts that would drive me insane, need batteries, or give Soapfi a sugar rush. They were nice practical gifts, a swim suit (to go with Gramma’s upcoming birthday present of paying for, and taking her to, swim lessons (double yeah to Gramma!)), and some Hello Kitty rubber boots.

Soapfi will be more excited about the swim suit once she realizes it means more swim lessons. She hasn’t quite got the hang of putting her face in the water yet, but she loved her first set of classes, and now that she is six months older than the last time, I’m confident she’ll figure out that people don’t have gills and discontinue trying to breathe underwater.

The boots, however, were immediate gratification. It took five seconds flat for her to start trying to put them on (with a little help from Gramma to keep her balance, she actually managed to put them on herself), ask for her coat, and demand “open door”. We immediately went for a stomp and tested them out proper like!

Happily, they passed with flying colors, and we were even able to convince her to come back inside after a mere ten trips back and forth through the puddle!

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Peek Boo No More

The almighty “everyone” strikes again, everyone says to enjoy it while it lasts, they are only young once, blah blah blah. I am enjoying things, amazed at how much she is growing and changing day by day, and still impatient for her to reach certain ages and milestones, because I perceive them to be times when we’ll have even more fun.

I can’t *wait* until she can do more with yarn than just wrap herself up in it and run around. I hope that she will take interest in all that crafty stuff that I love – I want to take her to Michaels when she truly comprehends the *FUN* of all the available “stuff” and what we could make together. Right now it mostly involves her being impatient with having to stay in the cart, because she certainly gets the “oh, shiny” aspect of being in there and won’t hesitate to grab any and everything! (We came home with one stem of fake roses (bent beyond repair) and one box of crayons (tips all broken off because she dropped them) in addition to the planned St. Paddy’s Day related purchases, all because I couldn’t mitigate the rapid destruction of said items when the cart drifted a wee bit too close to the shelves. I am a firm believer in “you break it, you buy it” because it’s just *NOT COOL* to pretend your child’s swath of destruction did not happen.) 

I look forward to the day when we can sit down and truly read a story together. She loves books, loves identifying things in pictures, but what she loves most is turning the pages…. rapidly!! I love reading and I’m a completest, nothing frustrates me more than trying to read The Hungry Little Caterpillar and skipping all the fun counting/eating bits in the middle even if I know it all by heart and have already “read” it a dozen times that day.

All that being said about my rush towards her future, there are things that I’m starting to miss. One of those happened last night when I realized how *complete* her sentences have become. Granted it’s still “I do it.” and “I no like it.” She hasn’t mastered contractions or all her verb tenses yet, but she is beginning to fill out her sentences with “a” and “the”, and starting to pronounce things better. Last night at dinner she declared to the world that “I like the milk.” Even though “I like milk.” is a perfectly appropriate sentence, to me, putting in the “the” made it seem so much more grown up.

The one that got me the most though, was realizing that she was now properly saying “Peek A Boo” when we were playing. I admit it, I miss “Peek Boo”.

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Attention Span

The almighty “everyone” is always saying that people have shorter and shorter attention spans. “Everyone” is probably referring to me, and has not met my child. It was another weekend where poor daddy had to work lots of overtime, and I was left to my own devices to keep the kidlet entertained.

We ended up going to the park both Saturday and Sunday just so we (okay *ME*) didn’t go stir crazy in the house. Soapfi would have been perfectly content to repeatedly watch 90 minute stretches of Calliou videos, with barely a snack break between hitting replay, for the entire day – but even my lazy “bad parent” side refused to indulge in that monumental of a parenting fail. So we braved the wind and the cold, bundled up in puffy purple coat loveliness and went to the park.

Soapfi loves the park – especially the opportunity to run away from me (I am currently editing together a “backside montage” because 90% of my video from the weekend was of her backside as she ran away). We “played” chase for a good 40 minutes that first day, it only stopped when she became enamored with watching the older kids have baseball practice. It then took me a good 10 minutes to pry her away from that, perhaps this means we’ll have better luck taking her to AquaSox games this spring! The entire ride home was peppered with exclamations of “baseball”.

That evening we played “I like your….” for what seemed like *forever* to me, but was probably only about 15 minutes. It’s one of those things that is fun to start, but then goes on far too long for your adult attention span, or you run out of things to like. (For those who are not acquainted with the intricacies of the game, it goes like this… You say to Soapfi “I like your eyes” and she will reply “I like your eyes too” and then she picks something she likes and it’s your turn to reply. This goes on and on as you take turns choosing a different body part or quality (smile, laugh, cheeks, fingers, teeth, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum since repeats are not only allowed, but encouraged to show you really really like something!)) 

Sunday we went and supported friends who were selling Girl Scout Cookies (nom nom nom nom!!!) and went to a park we’d never visited before. This park had swings, little Soapfi’s head just about exploded with “OMG SWINGS!!!!!!” After a good 25 minutes of “more swing, more swing, more swing” I was forced to bodily remove her against her will, as her little hands were turning blue along with her lips. She was appropriately dressed for the most part, but she refuses to wear “hand hats” (Soapfi speak for mittens), and it was extremely cold and windy out. That lead to a tantrum the entire way home, that was due more to stubbornness than attention span!

That evening we had a rousing game of Monster and Open/Close that, once again seemed to last forever. (This game involves Soapfi sitting in her plastic Little Tykes car and opening/closing the door as Mommy/Daddy enthusiastically (well for the first 30 times) shout “OPEN” or “CLOSED” depending on the status of the door. This can also be modified to “Up/Down” for jumping games or “On/Off” for playing with light switches.) 

Yep, when it comes to attention span, she has one.

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