The Big Move

It’s happening tonight, hopefully with very little fanfare, after all she hasn’t used it in over two weeks – which means tonight at dinner nostalgia will kick in and she’ll scream bloody murder to use it.

But we will put our collective feet down, perhaps I will have Daddy distract her with a trip to the park, and when she returns it will just be gone, never to be mentioned again.

Perhaps our luck will hold and she won’t even miss it… who am I kidding, the kidlet’s got a memory like a steel trap.

It doesn’t matter, the decision is made, it is getting a new home in the garage. Thanks for the memories, oh beloved $2.00 high chair we found at a yard sale, you served us well!

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2 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. Eee, exciting! Emilia told me last night she is done with her booster chair. We shall see!

    • Oh!! Keep me posted on how it goes! Soapfi is in the “excited to not be officially trapped by the chair, but still scared of how far she is from the ground” phase of booster seat-dom. But I’m guessing it’ll only be a week or two before she’s climbing up and down like a monkey!

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