I Swear…

Far too much apparently.  We’re pretty much over the yucks, but now we have Olympic Fever, so I’m still kind of lacking in the whole motivation to blog department, but this happened last night so I figured I would share.

Soapfi is in the midst of another round of “I can do it”, this time with the added caveat of “all myself”. So it has generated many a frustrating moment for her. Last night she was attempting to put the plastic shoes back on her Calliou doll and was having a rough go of it – they aren’t super hard plastic, but they are still a pain in the azz even for Mommy & Daddy to get on and off his feet, which are the size of the great white north.

After about 90 seconds of frustration she hurls the shoes and the doll across the room, mutters FUDGE (only just like in The Christmas Story she didn’t really say fudge, but instead let slip the mother of all swear words), and buries her head in the carpet and begins to cry.

Of course I’m one of those uncouth parents caught between laughing hysterically because at 2.25 years old she is already only swearing at situationally appropriate times, and with a great deal of panache, being mortified because she might do this in public and it will reflect badly on me & Daddy, and then being indignant that people get so riled up about words they have made taboo because sometimes you just need a good bout of swearing to let it all out.

In the end we let it go without comment, dealt with the frustration and the shoes, and are desperately trying to watch our own potty mouths.

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4 thoughts on “I Swear…

  1. Oh man, that is hilarious!

  2. This makes me feel so much better. I had to hide my laughter when my 3 year old was walking from the kitchen with his bowl of Goldfish when the dog butted him in the doorway and they went all over the floor…”*Bleeping* Dogs!” – hope for your future…he’s 6 now and NEVER says that word, but yells at Daddy when he slips.

    • I am hopeful that the Daddy & I will be better about watching our own mouths, because I know if we lead by example she will follow. I see the future of a “Swear Jar” firmly planted on the sideboard in the living room that will quickly fill up with loose change as she catches us saying the “bad words”. The even more positive outcome will be that we could probably fund her first year of college (but probably not more than that taking into account how fast tuition is rising – oiy!) considering how much we let the F-bombs fly when we aren’t paying attention!

  3. Deni Lyn

    I’m cracking up! I know it shouldn’t be funny but it totally is. How quickly they learn. My Husband seldom ever curses. I on the other hand, had a rather serious cursing habit. Although, I’ve done pretty well keeping it in check, every once in a while, I’ll let something rip. . .and I’m sure one of these days Mac is going to throw out a F Bomb that will send my Husband into orbit. I’m not sure why my Husband is so concerned about it, the kid is probably going to learn words we didn’t even know existed by First Grade anyway! Ha.

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