Crash and Burn

Things looked promising when we arrived. Soapfi was delighted to see her good pal Penzilla again, and seemed to be quasi interested in the actual races. She wasn’t as bothered by the noise as we had anticipated so the ear protection didn’t stay on her head all that long. It appeared that fun would be had by all……

Then there was a crash & burn in turn three – only a few races into the evening and poor Soapfi fell trying to sit on one of the benches in the stands and smacked the back of her head against it – all bets were off trying to calm her down. No permanent damage or blood, but not exactly the outing we’d hoped for.

Daddy & Soapfi headed back to the hotel pretty soon after the fall, and not wanting to completely waste our entry fee, Daddy was kind enough to suggest that I stay and catch a ride back to the hotel with Penzilla & family. We stayed for a few more races, a few black flags (which is apparently a big deal – I can’t say I’m all that up to date on my dirt track racing rules and regulations!), and one crash that completely tore off the top foil and sent the crash cage azz over tea kettle across turn one.

We also left before the end of the races, which enabled us to have some fun trying to extricate our car from the parking lot.  The raceway parks everybody four deep in the middle of a field so if you’re not lucky enough to park at the beginning or end of the line (which was the case for Daddy & Soapfi), you have to be a bit creative if you want to leave early.

Thankfully the folk who go to these races on a regular basis appear to be of the trusting sort.  The car between us and the exit roadway had been left unlocked, allowing us to jump in, release the parking brake, push them back out of the way, get our car out, and then push them back into place – so thank you whomever you are, because the four of us really didn’t want to have to lift and carry your car out of the way, even if it was a small sporty thing!

On the upside – we stopped by the Skagit Valley Highland Games on the way home the next day and had some fun that made up for everything , but more about that tomorrow!

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One thought on “Crash and Burn

  1. What an odd parking situation. I can’t even picture that.

    Might I also say that Soapfi looks absolutely ADORABLE with those headphones on her ears. SO CUTE.

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