How We Roll

Last night Soapfi unrolled the wall hanging I had won at Nerdtacular – it was a Scott Johnson comic of Captain America sitting on the Hulk’s shoulders. She gave Captain America a hug and asked what the picture was, so I started explaining about cartoons and comics and that you could get them at comic book stores.

Soapfi began asking to go for a car ride to the comic book shop.  Luckily our local shop was only 10 blocks away and open for another half hour, so we went for a quick trip.  She picked out two comics – Peanuts (can’t argue with a classic!) and Sleepy Time Crime from DC Super Pets which is specifically for the shorties. She had fun looking at all the toys and games in the shop too.  She got VERY excited about Spiderman and went “oooohhh dragon” when she saw a Darth Maul bust figurine.

She was ecstatic when she saw the Zombie Dice game and carried it all over the store – I like to think it was the red, yellow, and green dice that got her excited and not the zombie on the cup!!

Our only hiccup was when mommy put her foot down that we didn’t need yet another stuffed animal, although she looked super cute giving plushie green lantern the squeeze hug of death!

By the end of the trip we managed to leave with two books and a dice game. She “read” the Peanuts book on the way home, and couldn’t wait to “play” Zombie dice – Soapfi rules as follows:

  1. Shake the cup up really well
  2. Fling dice all over the floor
  3. Carry them around in your shirt
  4. Line dice up and count them
  5. Re-arrange them by color
  6. Stack them in the cup lid
  7. Bake in play kitchen oven

Then repeat #4 through #6 indefinitely – or until something else shiny becomes distracting!

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2 thoughts on “How We Roll

  1. What a fun Mom Soapfi has! I love all the games she invented with her new dice.

  2. Too cute. I’m totally going to check out Sleepy Time Crime–the bots will LOVE it. I will not, however, tell them that there are cool moms around who win Incredible Hulk and Captain America swag.

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