Wordless Wednesday (Blast from the Past Edition) – Soapfi’s First Fourth

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2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Blast from the Past Edition) – Soapfi’s First Fourth

  1. Awww! A lot changes in a year.

    How did she get the scratch on her forehead?

    • Ah yes – that is “THE SCAR”. When she was a mere 5 weeks old she decided to show her personality. She was laying in my lap while I was checking emails, started to fuss, so I swiveled in the chair to grab her bassinet to put her somewhere more secure than my lap. So I was only holding her by one hand, but she was pretty stable in my lap…. until she bunched up her little legs, pushed against my stomach, and flung herself out of my lap like a cannonball and as she was falling twisted so that she hit the bottom edge of the computer desk with her forehead. A trip to urgent care and 5 stitches fixed it all up. I felt like the winner of the “Worst Mommy Ever” award – but now if someone asks if she was dropped on her head as a child she can honestly answer, “Well, yes, yes I was – thank you for bringing up that painful memory”!! Oh and she’ll have a “go to” guilt moment to fling in my face when we have fights during her teenage years!

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