Crocheting Fool

Holy Crap!!! My Robot Hat in my Etsy store has proven more popular than I ever imagined – over the weekend I received FIVE orders!! Including my first attempt to really really downsize the pattern for a newborn (which I have found I have to knit because I just can’t get it small enough with an “F” hook – so now I’m converting it from a crochet pattern to a knit pattern too – but I’m also paranoid that even though I’ve done “the maths” it will be too small – it looks so tiny – I don’t think Soapfi’s head was ever that small!)

Hopefully Soapfi is right and my crochet hooks are really Magic Wands and *poof* these will be done by the end of the week! So pardon me if I’m lazy and don’t post much until the hats are done!!

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6 thoughts on “Crocheting Fool

  1. That is awesome!!!!

    • In an OMG I have so much to make “awesome” kind of way for sure! I’m half excited and half terrified I won’t get them done fast enough. But I have the shells and eyeballs done for the first two, just need to stuff those eyeballs, attach em, put on the top antenna and tuck in the loose ends and they be done, so I feel like I’m on track!

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  3. AH! I’m totally in love with that hat!! 🙂 It’s fantastic!! 🙂

  4. That would be all kinds of awesome. I also adore your Jayne hat! If I could knit, I’d have them for my whole family. And then people would be like, “Look at those weirdos with the matching hats” and we wouldn’t care, we’d be all like “Our hats are awesome and they’re all just jealous”.

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