Mini Me

In an effort to work through my “school is out for summer” attitude, I am attempting to at least put up a picture with a short story or quip so that the blog doesn’t end up in my unfinished craft pile. (I so relate to the unfinished projects part of this recent post by The Diary of a Reluctant Mother (another of my favorite blogs) it is scary –  and I think my pile of craft is way bigger than hers!)

Soapfi is starting the phase of wanting to imitate and be like the adults. She will plop down next to one of us and sit in the exact same way, if our legs are crossed, she’ll cross hers, if we have our hands clasped, she will too. It’s the cutest thing ever (and being the kind of parents we are, we kind of giggle during the swearing episodes – I know, I know we really have to watch our own potty mouths!)

In her effort to imitate Mommy she has started stealing my glasses and wearing them herself. She has most excellent eyesight (one of my first blog posts was all about it) so I don’t really think glasses are in her near future, but if her eyesight suddenly takes a dive, at least she’ll look frakkin’ cute!!!

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2 thoughts on “Mini Me

  1. Deni Lyn

    Thanks for the mention! Gah! The dreaded craft pile. I can’t believe how much older Soapfi looks recently! I hope you have a great start to the summer.

  2. So stinkin’ cute!!

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