In The Doghouse

Long weekend, way behind on work and other stuff so this week will mostly be short stories with no pictures, but I did feel the need to share about my weekend in the doghouse.

Well it was more like the dog tent… Soapfi has found a new game to love, even more than Monster or TRAIN…. it’s called “Come Here Puppy”, and she loves this game….

Because Mommy follows her around on her hands and knees, barks, licks the side of her face, will eat pretend dog food out of plastic bowls on the floor, and nap on a pillow.

And it’s worth every giggle and pat on the head!

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3 thoughts on “In The Doghouse

  1. That game sounds kind of hard on the knees. Hee. Truly, though, Come Here Puppy sounds like almost as much fun as the new game we played this weekend called Bring All Your Toys Under the Kitchen Table, Play with Them for a While, Then Wander Off Because the Maid Will Pick Them Up When She Gets Annoyed with Stepping on Stuff Whenever She Sits at the Table. I got to play the role of the maid. 🙂 (But the game really kept them both busy for a long time, so very worth it!)

    • Ah yes, we have a similar game called “Dump the Magnetic Letters in the Hallway so Daddy Jumps Up and Down Howling in Pain.” Games at this age are full of adventure and fun for sure!

      • I think we’ve played the Magnetic Letters one, although our magnets are animals halves. Same game, different equipment. 😀

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