My Carnivore

For the most part we are still pretty lucky (knock on wood) with Soapfi not being a picky eater, and she even loves those frozen mixed vegetables (once they are heated up of course!), and has been known to devour an entire bowl and still want more.

Recently she has been on a Spaghettio’s kick, or as she likes to call them “Sketti-yo-yo’s”. But woe be the person who gives her plain ol’ Spaghettio’s, as Mommy learned earlier this week.  Soapfi tore through her bowl howling in dismay that there were only TWO mini-meatballs. Silly Mommy hadn’t properly stirred up the new can to evenly distribute those nuggety pieces of processed meat goodness between the current and future portions.

Apparently any self respecting person would know that it’s *really* the mini-meatballs that are the important part, because she’s top of her food chain damn it!

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One thought on “My Carnivore

  1. Hahahahahaha! So great!

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