Bait & Switch

It’s a time honored sales tactic, but for some reason I was deluded into thinking better of the Sesame Street people.

Sesame Street Live presents “Elmo Makes Music”. Daddy managed to purchase second row center seats – we figured Soapfi would either nerp out in delight… or pure terror, but it was going to be Elmo. The Elmo’s World theme was the very first bit of music Soapfi could recognize.  We could hum the “na-na na-na, na-na na-na” bit and she would gleefully shout “Elmo’s World”. There was going to be so much Elmo-y goodness her head just might explode!

Sesame Street Live delivered “Jenny the Music Teacher Makes Music”.  Sure Elmo was there, but Bert & Ernie were the first ones on the stage, Elmo eventually showed up and hung around some, heck he even brought Dorothy and Mr. Noodles Other Other Brother Mr. Noodle, but the show was not the Elmo-fest we had been expecting! In reality it was all about Jenny and her missing truck of instruments.

Soapfi was not perturbed by this in the slightest, in fact she was rather “meh” about the whole thing. She waved at Abby a few times, but she seemed more puzzled by the whole thing than excited. It was definitely more of a “what are these crazy people doing” vibe than the *SQUEEEE* we were expecting.

In the long run she had fun, and so did Mommy & Daddy, because nothing makes an evening like getting a good snarky picture like this:

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4 thoughts on “Bait & Switch

  1. Somebody’s getting drunk on Sesame Street. Is that you, Mr. Hooper? LOL, but for reals, how did you get the cool pictures??

    We took Emilia to Sesame Street Live when she was 14 months old and just getting into Elmo. (She called him “O” back then.) I won meet and greet passes, so she got to meet an ENORMOUS Telly and Elmo and sit in their laps for a picture, which was really cool. But she sobbed during the show, so we left after about 15 minutes. It was something about Elmo growing a garden. She was NOT into it. : )

    • Hehe!! We were surprised when the arena was actually selling beer, but since they were, how could we resist? I’m actually surprise the pictures turned out as well as they did since I used our mostly crappy camera that will fit in a pocket vs our really good camera that weighs a ton and bonks poor Soapfi in the head whenever you try to pick her up while lugging around said camera!

  2. Stuff like this, I think we all find out by doing it–just not for the really little ones. I brought Mbot and Gbot to the Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus (or whatever the hell it’s called) last June, in 105 degree heat–and it just…the idea of it was great, and they did pretend they were strong men for a few weeks afterward, swinging around dangerous things–and Mbot did leaf happily through the expensive catalogue for several months, until it disintegrated–but it generally wasn’t worth either the price of admission or the stress or the pain in the ass. Today, nearly a year later, when I ask what he remembers, he says, without fail, “that red gun you didn’t let me buy.” !! Wish there’d been beer.

    • Yep, we had had uber success with the Wiggles when she was only about 18months so we had high hopes for this production. I think she is just older & wiser now and can’t even be bothered with these kinds of things! ahahah!

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