Cage Dancing

Despite the mild disappointment of  Butterfly World, we had not given up on all the tourist traps Parkville had to offer. In our quest to find something to get us out of the suite, we followed a little sign on the road on a pure whim, and ended up at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Association. We finally had our Bob Ross moment – there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

This place was much more professionally put together, they were actually doing good work with wildlife, and had plenty of space for the kids to run around and burn off all that damn energy they seem to keep waking up with.

They did have a bear on premises, but with the cruddy weather it was smarter than us and was curled up for a nap…. but we did manage to find a bear in the gift shop! We saw all kinds of animals with feathers – Soapfi went back and forth between being scared when the turkeys got to gobbling and being fascinated with chasing the geese.

Of course as it typically happens with the kidlets, the thing they love the most could have probably been recreated anywhere.  The thing they were most excited about, and went back to three times, was the animal transportation cage that was on display that they could climb into and dance around. It’s basically the whole loving the cardboard box more than the present itself “vacation style”.

If I create one of these cages in the backyard I’m just giving her something she wants…. right??

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2 thoughts on “Cage Dancing

  1. I love the Bob Ross moment. That is awesome.

  2. Hahahahaha! Yes! And convince my kids that THEY want cages too. It’s fun, right kids? Right?!

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