Butterflies, Turtles & Orchids, Oh My

Early in the vacation we were skimming through the complementary Parksville area travel brochure/guide map trying to find something we could all do together. After some coercing, we decided to give Butterfly World a try. (KK is not a big fan of moths, and as she adamantly kept reminding us, a butterfly is basically just a more decorative looking moth.)

As we rolled up we had some misgivings as the place looked pretty ramshackle, but then we spied the sign that let us know that it would be more than just butterflies, there was an Orchid Garden and Turtle Town. How could we not visit Turtle Town?? The idea that there may be more than just moths with good paint jobs inside gave KK the strength to at least walk into the lobby.

Not really knowing what to expect, we walked through the doors….. into 100% humidity. My glasses fogged up, as well as my camera lenses, and it actually made me a bit nostalgic for that “Hell” scene in Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland. So no, it’s not me experimenting with crazy filters, the five seconds between cleaning my lenses and being able to get a picture framed was enough time for the lens to get foggy again!

Butterflies are apparently like many other animals, they can sense which human doesn’t really care for them, and begin to dive bomb them immediately, poor KK! But she was a trooper and managed not to maim anyone in her immediate flight towards the exit.

Although there were some very beautiful butterflies, the place was rather disappointing, especially “turtle town”.

Okay, the place had turtles, but I guess I’m just used to a little more polish in my tourist traps.  A box frame on the floor made of 2×6’s with a heat lamp and two turtles, does not a town make! I don’t know if I was expecting something more like a hamster maze for turtles or what, but this was certainly not it! Luckily the girls were plenty fascinated with all the creatures regardless of the setting.

The most professional and well put together part of the place was the orchid garden, best part in KK’s book as well, because it was butterfly free!

Overall it was a bit of a let down for us adults, but since the kidlets had a great time (they have much lower standards and expectations!) and once again we were able to tucker them out before nap time, it still goes down as a vacation win. We left with a T-shirt for Soapfi and vows from KK never to return!

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2 thoughts on “Butterflies, Turtles & Orchids, Oh My

  1. You know, this is kind of hilarious. I would have to agree that most towns I know about have a population greater than two. That’s more like a turtle ghost town. This post just cracked me up. I’m glad you went just so I could read about it.

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