Our Les Schwab Story

So…. vacation was wonderful – pictures and stories to follow – but in the mean time we’re just trying to get caught up from a week away.

There is the practical stuff like laundry- which naturally lead to me attempting to track down a windbreaker that I am positive I packed in the duffel bag at the resort but can no longer find. The worst part is that it had my iPod Nano in it – I was initially afraid it had gotten mixed in with the laundry and I had washed yet another piece of electronics – but now it’s just flat out missing – ARRRGGGHHH!!! And there is the culling of the inbox – both work and personal – which leads to trying to read the backlog of all I missed this past week (It made me so sad to hear MCA passed away).

And there is the choice of which story to tell first, so I’ll start with what was basically the last story of the trip…

We assumed that the ferry terminal that we arrived at would be the one we would depart from…. how silly of us!  Apparently there were repairs going on at the terminal we *should* have arrived at, so we arrived at the temporary backup terminal, and during our trip the regular terminal re-opened.  We arrive at the wrong terminal, were thankful the Canadians are polite by nature (their buses even say “Sorry” before they inform you they are out of service), and we slunk back out of the terminal and headed for the right one on the other side of town.

On our way down to the wrong terminal, on a road we never would have taken if we had known to go to the other terminal to begin with, we had the misfortune of running over some metal road debris that had fallen from a truck a few cars ahead of us and didn’t know was there until it was too late to avoid it. We thought we were okay, until half way through town our tire pressure sensors starting going off, we heard a thumping, and a loud hiss.  We managed to pull into a 7-eleven and get out to watch our rear drivers side tire complete deflate in about 10 seconds.  ARRGHHH!!

We were trying to catch a ferry at a terminal we’d never been to, and at that point didn’t even know if we were going the right way (the cashier at the other terminal was polite but could only vaguely wave her hands and say “go south from here” when asked where the other terminal was located!), and only had about an hour to get there before we’d have to then wait another 2.5 hours for the next boat.

Everything was taken out of the stuffed trunk, the spare was found, we figured out how to use the jack, remembered to loosen the lug nuts before the tire was completely off the ground, and put on the saddest looking spare tire you’ve ever seen, and were astounded we made it as far as we had with the 6 inch piece of metal that was sticking out of the tire tread.

Turns out we were going the right way, so we limped along with our hazard lights on, and made it to the ferry on time. We spent two hours apologizing to each other about how stoopid we each felt (me for sending us to the wrong terminal to being with, him for not being able to avoid the debris), and then limped along at 45mph from Tsawwassen to Ferndale, with a border crossing in the middle just to break things up.

We limped into the Les Schwab in Ferndale, looking extremely pathetic as we sat with a trunk full of luggage and baby junk along the side of the building waiting for the verdict on our tire. Soapfi was still having fun at least, she was getting stroller rides through the parking lot from daddy and munching on the free popcorn. Amazingly, we had apparently stopped before the inside of the tire was shredded so they were able to patch it up and get us out of there only 30 minutes after we had pulled in…. FOR FREE.

I know there are naysayers out there who rag on Les Schwab for their pricing or tire brands they carry or whatever, but this kind of thing is exactly why I always go back – they take care of me and mine when it’s important.

(Oh – and we went to Sonic and got cherry limeades to make it all better!)

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2 thoughts on “Our Les Schwab Story

  1. Glad that one had a happy ending. Oh my, travel adventure!

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