On Our Way To Nanoose Bay

Well, we’re on our way in theory, since I haven’t packed a single thing yet – I mean I still have 14 hours before we have to be on the road, and hey – I’ve made a list – that has to count for something! Like Daddy has been saying all week, as long as we have the paperwork and the people, we can buy everything else if we need to. Of course it would be a wee bit more economical if I at least brought the big ticket items, and probably more pleasant if I had diapers and snacks available from the get go!

If I am motivated at midnight while waiting for that last load of laundry to dry I may attempt to queue up some “blast from the past” posts about things that happened with Soapfi before I started this whole blog thing. (I can’t believe I’ve been verbose enough to make 50 posts already, and I get even more flabbergasted when I realized someone besides myself and Soapfi’s godmothers are actually reading all this stuff!) 

I learned my lesson with the St. Paddy’s Day Dash, so I forgo hoping for good pictures and stories to be generated by the upcoming week, and just hope we survive!

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2 thoughts on “On Our Way To Nanoose Bay

  1. Your husband sounds so easy going and practical. He must be great to travel with. Have a great time!

  2. Good luck! Traveling with tots is never as bad as you think it will be….unless it is worse. :>

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