Too Much Stuff

We are in the process of packing for a week long vacation. Since we are going to be driving we seem to feel compelled to bring way too much stuff junk. There is the pack’n’play, the booster seat/travel high chair, better bring a few toys, books & DVDs, and the diapers, and the wipes, clothes for multiple weather scenarios, bathing suit – which means swim diapers too, oh man the sunscreen, sunglasses/sunhat (if she’ll even wear them), snacks, sippy cups, kid size cutlery, the favorite blanky, the backup blanky, the favorite stuffy, the backup stuffy, god forbid I forget the six pack of binkys. The trunk is probably already stuffed and we haven’t even gotten to daddy’s golf clubs and a few tattered clothes for our own bodies!

Too damn much junk… maybe we should just stay the hell home!

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2 thoughts on “Too Much Stuff

  1. Woo hoo. We never really traveled much with baby (still don’t). I hope the trip goes well and that you are going somewhere fantastic, with lots of blog posts to make about it later!

  2. Deni Lyn

    We travel a good bit with Mac, and we really have it down to nearly a science. . .at least this week we do. They switch it up all the time on you – favorite toys, what they might eat this week. . .ha! Unless we are flying, we always pack for the worst case scenarios – as space will allow. It’s always too much stuff! 🙂

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