Adventurous Eating

A few days ago I had brought up the subject of adventurous eating while extolling the virtues of Soapfi’s current lack of picky-ness. And since it’s the way the universe tends to work, the next day I was noticing that the Food List Challenge was making its way around my little group of FB friends. One of those “100 things you should do before you die” deals with a food theme. I was absolutely shocked that I personally had managed to try (not necessarily enjoy, mind you!)  67 of the 100 things on the list. 100% of the credit for that number being so high goes to my husband!

What was even more shocking to me was that Soapfi has already racked up *20* items on the list (holy crap!). And I’ve even got photo evidence for three of them – Pocky, Borscht and Haggis!

Daddy is thrilled!


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2 thoughts on “Adventurous Eating

  1. one time confession

    She ate haggis?! Woah. Impressive.

    • Not only did she eat it, she declared it yummy, that picture is actually about the fourth bite!!! Daddy had to go buy another one so he could get his fill!

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