Pearly Whites

We have made a concerted effort to start early with teaching Soapfi some common courtesy and basic hygiene. We are trying to minimize the inevitable teenage “rude and smelly” phase that we know will be here sooner than we ever imagined.

So far we are going strong in the manners/courtesy department. Soapfi doles out “Please”, “Thank You, Welcome” (she tends to run these together as if she doesn’t trust you to properly respond with “You’re Welcome”), and “No, Please” (her version of no thank you) with regularity, minor prompting is needed around strangers, but that is just her shyness kicking in.

We are hit and miss with baths and/or showers. Some nights it’s all about taking a bath or shower, other times it’s more along the lines of “NO LIKE IT” and thirty seconds into the slippery struggle are the exclamations of “ALL DONE”.

The two things she loves above all else are “Wash Hands” and “Brush Teeth”. She would spend hours on her step stool at the sink just running her hands under the water and playing with the soap if we let her. Even remotely dirty hands lead to exclamations of “wash hands, wash hands!” She loves to squish the bar of soap out of her hands and squeal “Slippery” over and over. And then she’ll start softly singing to herself “Rub, scrub, rub, scrub, at sink or in tub” from The Good Night Show on Sprout. But it becomes a litany of “No Mommy” if I try to finish out the rest of the song, because I do sing *that* badly!!!

We do still have minor struggles with the tooth brushing, in that she loves to “brush” her teeth, but her version of brushing her teeth mostly involves sucking the water out of the toothbrush! So now we take turns, she gets to brush, then mommy or daddy helps her actually brush, then she gets to brush again. However, by her second turn she mostly wants to brush our teeth and we spend a good 5 minutes attempting to avoid having a child sized toothbrush impaled in our soft palate!

I figure if we start her out with good habits now, that means fewer cavities later, even though I have a feeling there is still some serious orthodontia in our future!

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One thought on “Pearly Whites

  1. Hee, I love the pictures of Soapfi with her toothbrush. Sidrah likes to suck on her toothbrush, too. She just gets water on hers, but Emilia is now up to kid toothpaste. She still has to work on her spitting, though. It’s a bit out of control. Good times!

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