Time to “Garden”

Even though it doesn’t feel like it, Spring has officially sprung according to the calendar. Time to dust off “the digger thing” and “the pointy thing” and remove all the morning glory and other weeds I let nature “take care of” over the winter. Our yard is definitely survival of the fittest, if you need any kind of care or pampering, you’d best just move along. If you can’t survive on rainwater then I want nothing to do with you, unfortunately that also means I have a lot of weeds. The rhodies in the back yard are barely more than climbing frames for the morning glory by fall. Every year I vow to do better, and every year I find something much more fun and interesting to do. I am not a gardener.

This year, however, may be different. Soapfi has taken a shine to “gardening”. She loves her little shovel and rake, and absolutely adores watering cans. If she is not sufficiently distracted when we leave the house, she picks up the big plastic watering can on the front porch, takes it over to the rhodies and tips it up making “shhh-shhh” sounds like she’s pouring water. Hrrm, maybe it’s not so much “gardening” as “watering” that she loves. And apparently she has figured out that watering the roots is what’s important, at least when it comes to her plastic flower.

I can only hope for unbridled glee when she gets to start pulling weeds. And if she weeds with as much enthusiasm as she waters, we may finally have a decent looking yard for more than one weekend a year!

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One thought on “Time to “Garden”

  1. Oooh! So cute! I can’t wait to see more gardening pictures!

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