These Boots Were Made For Stomping

Soapfi’s Gramma is back in town after doing her whole Snowbird thing in Texas for the past five months. Despite leaving town to avoid the crappy winter weather around here, she woke up to an inch of snow at her place. (I admit, I giggled, but only a little!) Luckily it wasn’t anything near “Snowpocalypse 2012”, so she was able to come visit for the afternoon, and like any Gramma worth her salt, she came bearing gifts!

I have to give credit to Gramma though, she was kind enough not to be bearing gifts that would drive me insane, need batteries, or give Soapfi a sugar rush. They were nice practical gifts, a swim suit (to go with Gramma’s upcoming birthday present of paying for, and taking her to, swim lessons (double yeah to Gramma!)), and some Hello Kitty rubber boots.

Soapfi will be more excited about the swim suit once she realizes it means more swim lessons. She hasn’t quite got the hang of putting her face in the water yet, but she loved her first set of classes, and now that she is six months older than the last time, I’m confident she’ll figure out that people don’t have gills and discontinue trying to breathe underwater.

The boots, however, were immediate¬†gratification. It took five seconds flat for her to start trying to put them on (with a little help from Gramma to keep her balance, she actually managed to put them on herself), ask for her coat, and demand “open door”. We immediately went for a stomp and tested them out proper like!

Happily, they passed with flying colors, and we were even able to convince her to come back inside after a mere ten trips back and forth through the puddle!

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2 thoughts on “These Boots Were Made For Stomping

  1. I live for little girls in rubber rainboots! Very cute. Now if only I could get my Lola to learn that you can’t stomp in puddles WITHOUT the rubber rain boots.

    • I will admit that I am afraid that letting her go on a stomping rampage was not one of my brighter ideas! I have a feeling her little brain will now assume that puddles are a free-for-all whenever they are encountered!

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