St Paddy’s Day Dashed

Should have known better than to hope for a good story and cute pictures in print. All I really wanted was a picture from this year that was as cute as this one from last year. Alas, it was not to happen.

The morning started off well, we were up bloody early, dressed in green, in amazingly cheerful moods considering the copious amounts of precipitation, in the form of almost snow, that was falling, picked up Soapfi’s Auntie Suz, and away we went.

It was only ten minutes into the car ride south when Soapfi expressed her desire to not really do this by expelling what seemed like a full gallon of curdled milk vomit all over her favorite blankie, the cuter than cute outfit, and into every crack and crevice a car seat has to offer.

At the next exit we found a parking lot, modified the Onesie removal technique from Much Apoo About Nothing on the Father Trek blog and applied it to Soapfi’s turtleneck with minimum detritus transferring to her hair, blessed our lucky stars there was a clean kitchen towel that had accidentally been left in the back seat, had a crash course in booster seat dis-assembly, and learned that one has to “flick” more than “brush” curdled milk chunks to avoid smashing them into fabric.

Auntie Suz and Soapfi were troopers through the whole ordeal, they were quite content to sit in the front seat playing with all the fun knobs and dials for the radio and thermostat, while mommy was out in the increasingly dense snow fall trying to reassemble the booster seat.

Needless to say all plans for the Dash were scrapped and we headed back home.

You would think as a mom I would have Febreze handy, but I don’t, and since the precipitation hasn’t let up, the smell still lingers.

That’ll teach me to keep my hopes to myself for the 2013 Dash!

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