That’s Right!

Every day Soapfi get’s more and more personality. It’s amusing to watch, that is part of the reason we haven’t taken her out and left her in the woods during the rough times, because we just know something cute or funny is eventually going to happen in her brain and come right out of her mouth.

Her newest thing is affirmation, with complete conviction. It usually goes something like this:

Soapfi: “Dog”

Mommy: “A brown dog”

Soapfi: “Dog. That’s right!”

It usually happens after we’ve expounded on something she’s identified, or sometimes if we correct her. It’s even starting to happen if we identify something first.

Mommy: “Oh look Soapfi, a truck.”

Soapfi: “Truck. That’s right!”

The best part is the way she says it. With complete conviction in her declaration and that her proclamation is now law.

We are going to have our hands full with this one!

 Soapfi: “That’s right!”

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