Broken Sleep

Midnight is the witching hour, 2am is last call, what the hell does Soapfi find so magical about 4:30am? I used to be a 911 operator, I know that 99.9% of the time, nothing good happens at 4:30am.

At her age she allegedly needs 10-12 hours of sleep a night plus a 1-3 hour nap. I say allegedly, because it was beaten unrelentingly into my head that every child is different during birthing/parenting classes. (Which we ended up calling “Go Ask Your Doctor” class because no matter what question we asked, the only answer we *ever* got was “every child is different, ask your doctor”. I am trying very hard not to sidestep into *that* particular rant.)  

We had dutifully established a routine for Soapfi, up at 7:30 am, 2 hour nap from 1-3p, in bed at 9p. And for many glorious months all was good in our home, sunshine shone out our butts, a trail of wildflowers and buttercups sprang from our steps, and we just “la la la’d” about our days (okay there was no “la la la’ing” as none of us can carry a tune).

Recently Soapfi has been waking up at 4:30am, not just because she is binky-less or had a bad dream or heard a loud noise.  Those kind of wake ups are easy, they take five minutes of holding her doing that ridiculous “shh-shh” bounce step around the room, and poof she goes right back in the crib, cuddles with Turtle, and boom out like a light.  This new thing is completely different, she is full on awake, bright and shiny and ready for the day. Lord help me, I have given birth to a <GASP> *morning person*.

Sometimes with a great amount of cajoling, we can get her to go back to sleep if we move her out of her crib and onto the single bed that’s also in the room, and sleep there with her.  But that still involves about 30-45 minutes of “get up mommy/daddy”, “read book”, “Calliou”, and her crawling all over the parent who is trying not to whimper too much while asserting that it’s still night night time and too damn early for most reasonable people to be awake. But even if she does go back to sleep, our sleep is broken, the damage has been done.

We have put spare binkys and picture books within easy reach, this mollifies her for about 30 minutes (getting us to 4:30 as opposed to 4am!) before the cheerful calls of “Mommy” and “Daddy” come bellowing across the hall. I think it’s the cheerful that I resent the most, how can she be so happy so bloody early in the morning? It’s just not natural!!

Please, please, please let this be a phase.

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One thought on “Broken Sleep

  1. Congratulations on getting her to sleep across the hall at least!!! I wonder if something else is gently waking her up though … some bird outside her window that is also an “early bird” or a neighbor turning a light on as he or she now leaves for work early or something?

    For a while someone in my neighborhood must have had a different work schedule – I’m usually not one to wake up b/c of mild noise, but their car sounded unusual… it took me a couple of weeks to even figure out why I was waking up early (one morning of going to the bathroom at what I felt was the “middle of the night” and having the person drive by made me realize what it was)

    After that, I just slept with a fan on for white noise – didn’t wake up. Would she sleep if you had a ocean sounding machine or something in there with her?

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