No Wicks For You!

We have done our best to make the living room as safe as possible for Soapfi, but Soapfi has other ideas. She has torn off the soft cushy corner protectors on almost all of the end tables, the coffee table corners have survived only because they are apparently attached with cement. We put a screen over the fireplace and removed all the pokey fireplace tools. Naturally as soon as she was ready to test her own strength she made a bee line to the screen and started pulling on it, so we scooted the coffee table up against the screen and so far she hasn’t been able to move that. We have put latches on the doors to the sideboard, but unfortunately the drawers are small enough that it’s difficult to actually install any of the generic latch mechanisms that aren’t also impossible for adults to open. So we’ve been taking our chances with the drawers, and have taken to storing her rocking horse and plastic car up against the sideboard to keep her away from them. For the most part there is nothing sharp or dangerous in the drawers, just some votive candles and linen napkins, so if we forget to block of the drawers we don’t have to worry about upgrading to DEFCON 3.

But just because things aren’t sharp or dangerous to her, doesn’t mean she can’t be dangerous to them! As previously mentioned, she was left to her own devices a bit more than normal over the weekend in a living room that was a disaster and gave her full access to the sideboard drawers. Naturally curious, and with no one hovering around to tell her “please stop”, she found the votive candles and decided they would be fun to play with. Nice smells, pretty colors, they group up on the floor pretty, and let’s not forget the age old game of line them up/knock them down…. but what they don’t need is those pesky wicks. They just served no purpose in her play, aside from the initial fun of digging out the little metal disk from the bottom of the candle and then pulling.

So far I have managed to find two of the wicks under the coffee table, as to where the rest went, only Soapfi and the candle faeries know. What exactly does one do with half a dozen wick-less candles?

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