Got Milk?

As Soapfi gets older we have started to dare to leave her in the living room semi-unattended for longer periods of time, with varying degrees of success (I’m recalling the blueberry/baby formula incident of 2011). We are usually around the corner in the kitchen, the Sarlacc Pit, on rare occasions upstairs grabbing a load of laundry, or even attempting to use the bathroom all by ourselves.

This weekend Daddy had to put in crazy hours of overtime, which meant I was leaving her to her own devices more often than usual in order to get anything done. I was washing my own hands in the bathroom when I heard Soapfi mumbling “wash hands, wash hands” so I just assumed she was hearing the sink (not only does she have Bionic Eyes, she has ears like a bat) and commenting on what I was doing. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

She was doing some early spring cleaning of the coffee table and having her own mini-spa day, complete with milk bath!

She delightfully declared everything “all clean” as she vigorously spread the milk all over the table.

After all, milk has so many uses, it’s not just for drinking. They make all kinds of bath products out of it, why not go straight to the source?

The best was when she started clapping her hands together to “wash” them and then started rubbing her head to wash her hair as well. Of course, when mommy suggested a *real* bath suddenly playing “wash hands/all clean” lost it’s charm!

The flexible spouts are definitely being yanked from sippy cup rotation!

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