Doctor Kisses

A few months ago we began the tried and true “Let me kiss it, and make it better” for all those minor bumps and scratches that, when left unchecked, devolve into a complete and total meltdown even when no blood or visible mark is anywhere to be found.

Apparently our kisses have been insufficient, last night she bumped her chin and this happened:

So now we have regular kisses and the more super strength “Doctor Kisses”. Of course it was really the binky that ultimately made it all better!

And I’m still trying to figure out where she learned that physical injury equated with asking for the doctor. Sure, she has been to the doctor for checkups, earaches, and the cold of all colds that turned into “Pertussis Watch 2012”. But we’ve never reacted to any of her routine falls, bumps, spills, jumps off the couch with bad landings, or scrapes with statements about needing to go see the doctor. If I had to bet, I’d say it was something she saw on Calliou!

P.S. I’m well aware I went overboard with making it a “movie” but I like goofy crap like that, and since our cheap azz video camera doesn’t time stamp the files themselves properly (we have a super special camera that can shoot video an entire MONTH into the future!) I like having the “credits” to document that stuff – cause Lord knows notes about the videos aren’t making it into her baby book! 

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