Girls Night In

Soapfi and I were on our own last night, sort of a girls night in, since Daddy was out having a well deserved cultural experience* with the guys.

All it took to make her happy was leftover pasta for dinner and me rolling around on the floor acting like an idiot.

It was non-stop giggles and requests for “Monster” (where I crawl around on the floor and pretend to be the Kissy Tickle Monster who chases little Soapfis) for over an hour.

Naturally I was tuckered out before she was, but apparently it is equally fun for her to sit on my back while I’m sprawled out  exhausted on the living room floor just making “choo-choo” noises, with a minimum amount of squirming around thrown in so she has to bother to hold on. She decided it was a new game, henceforth to be called “TRAIN” (because it’s only a good game if you scream the name at the top of your lungs!).

And when even that became too much and I pretended to fall asleep and snore, she sweetly inquired “Mommy tired?” and then cuddled with me for about 5 seconds before pulling on my shirt and demanding “All done, get up” and the second round of Monster and TRAIN commenced.

She is going to make an excellent drill sergeant and/or personal trainer some day!

*WWE Smackdown

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