Bionic Baby Eyes

There are things that I suffered through in childhood that I hope my daughter doesn’t have to go through. Yes, yes, they built character and made me who I am today, blah blah blah. But I am sure she will have plenty of character building opportunities that are uniquely her own, so I do not feel remiss in thinking that coke bottled glasses that are so heavy it makes ones nose hurt doesn’t need to be among them.

So it was with great relief (and then sheer panic at the implications) that this happened a few days ago in the car.

Now that Soapfi has graduated to a front facing booster seat she has taken great delight in shouting the names of all the things she recognizes. Primarily “mommy” and “daddy” with a few instances of “car” and “tree” thrown in for good measure.

We were on our way home from running errands when she began shouting “number, number, number”. I was looking around outside to see if it was an exit sign or the side of a truck or what in the world she could be seeing, so that I could do the whole interactive parenting/reinforcement thing “Yes Soapfi, that is the number one/twelve/pi” or whatever.

Before I could find anything she changed to “E, E, E”. Hrrrmmm, we were no longer on the freeway, no business around that I could see, lets chalk this up to random crap kids blurt out when they are bored. After all this is her view from back there:

As I looked over at her father with a “wtf” shrug that’s when I saw it…..

Yep, her baby bionic eyes were locked onto the compass readings in the rear view mirror and she was mistaking the “S” for the number “5” like she has seen on all the digital clocks at home (Side note – she is currently refusing to acknowledge the numbers 3 or 5, thus why she was just saying “number, number, number” – but that is a story for another day).

I was completely floored, first off – that font is teeny tiny, I had to zoom my cell phone camera in all the way while sitting in the front seat just to make that last picture readable! Look at the first picture again, hello – blue smudge anyone? Then came the implication that at 23 months she was already retaining and recognizing both numbers and letters in a variety of fonts.

Holy crap, we’re never going to sneak anything by this kid.

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5 thoughts on “Bionic Baby Eyes

  1. Heather

    Awesome!! I totally understand the hope that your child won’t have the same issues you did- but wow, it seems that her eyes made up for your lack of good vision.

    And no, you won’t be able to sneak anything passed her- spell in front of her now while you still can- in a few years she will be able to tell what you are saying!

    • When I was growing up, adults spelling = me getting ice cream! We’ve tried to make sure when we are spelling (because we already are!) it doesn’t immediately correlate with a reward, that is one precedent I don’t want to start. Mind like a steel trap this kid!!

  2. I am TOTALLY laughing out loud right now at the fact little Soph is “refusing to acknowledge the numbers 3 or 5!” She is SUCH a funny kid and it’s these little details about her that just add to how much I love her to pieces! 🙂

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